Jenkins Doggy Christmas Card – Handmade Bespoke Design

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Jenkins Doggy Christmas Card – Handmade Bespoke Design

I launched the Jenkins Christmas cards in 2014 and I realised the market for such a personal design in pretty small (My mother in law has already pre-ordered some) but I just couldn’t help myself. Jenkins comes to work with me every day and I always have his gorgeous large eyes looking up at me threw his enviously long eyelashes.

£3 each or 4 for £10 using the code 4for10 at checkout.

The Jenkins Christmas card was released just in time for the 2014 Cockpit Arts Open studios event.

This actually started the greeting cards part of my business and the Lorna Syson stationery instagram account!  I love designing the greeting cards and wrapping paper, its so much fun to do, I get to look at extremely cute animals and draw images which I know will be sent to people on special occasions such as Birthdays and Christmas! My current favourite is the Superhero Collection including the French Bulldog, Labrador, sausage dog, goldfish, guinea and cat! The French bulldog card is inspired by Jenkins new best friend Flo, she has an instagram account where you can sometimes see Jenkins featured on there!

My real favourite are the Personalised pet portraits! I had people asking for their specific breeds of pets and colourings so I’ve ended up creating these personalised pet portraits. They are A4 printed portraits on high quality cotton paper, they look amazing framed up! I also ask people if they would like their portrait to become part of the greeting card collection. If the pet fits what we need for new collections sometimes they can end up on Birthday cards, wedding cards, congratulations cards!

My current favourite cards are the superhero collection, we have a french bulldog, a guinea pig, sausage dog, rescue cat, goldfish and a chocolate labrador! The french bulldog superhero card is based on Jenkins new best friend Flo the frenchie, check out her instagram

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