Bird Wallpaper, RSPB Fabric and Lampshades

I am proud to call myself a British fabric designer. Not only is a lot of my work inspired by British wildlife but I have been working hard over the last few years to ensure that my whole production is based in the UK. Take advantage of my current offer of FREE UK DELIVERY with every order over £75.00.

I want to be able to truly call myself a British designer, so all my fabrics are made using UK suppliers and digitally printed in the UK. I also work closely with the printers to be as sustainable as possible. I think it’s important to be a more environmentally conscious brand in 2020. One of my brand values is to be kind to the environment and I like to ensure this transcends into all part of my business.

When I collaborate with other businesses I want to ensure that all this is reflected in the brands I associate with too. Therefore when the opportunity arose to work with the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds), I knew that this was a good match.

In 2019 I developed four new designs specifically for the RSPB, they are Blossom and Bird Grey, Blossom and Bird Navy, Hummingbird Mint and Hummingbird Teal. If you want to see more inspiration behind the designs and styling ideas, visit my Pinterest page.