Welcome to the Jungle – Wallpaper Mural

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Welcome to the Jungle – Wallpaper Mural

Welcome to the Jungle! Introducing the Jungle mural, with monkeys, butterflies, a snake, chameleon, giraffe, jaguar, toucan and a cockatiel! I can’t express how much fun I had designing this wallpaper mural! I am known and influenced by the British countryside but when I was asked to create a design inspired by the Jungle for Nayan’s nursery I was delighted!

I still kept the colour pallet simple and designed in the same simple silhouettes but was given free reign when looking at the wonderful animals found in the jungle.

The commission was for Nayan, the son of two close friends of mine and being aware how busy new parents are I offered to put the paper up myself. This commission was my first ever try at putting paper up and I was a little scared but I was so pleased that all the feedback I have had previously about how easy the wallpaper is to put up was true!

I managed with the corners on the wall, the repeat. The paste the wall paper meant I didn’t need to worry about leaving space for a wallpapering table, I literally unrolled and put up!

This wall was 243cm heigh and 193cm wide, so the mural could be printed on one, 10m roll. The design is spilt into 4 drops of 250cm. This mural will be going up for sale on the website soon for walls than are lower than 250cm and no wider than 208cm.