Nature and wildlife home collections created with love to give you a beautiful hug in your safe cosy space called home

Designed with your home in mind, to create beautiful and comfortable interiors that makes your house feel like a home. Discover the nature and wildlife inspired collections which make staying in a joy. From an inspiring redesign with wallpaper and fabrics or cushions and lampshades offering you a quick and easy way to upgrade your space. Adding Lorna's prints will wrap you in a beautiful hug to help relax into that comfortable space no matter what life throws at you.

Inspired by nostalgic memories of living in the British countryside, Lorna Syson prints allow you to create a space that is uniquely yours

Lorna's prints all have a story and inspiration woven deeply within the prints and illustrations. From the hydrangea fabric with blue blooms inspired by lazy summer days in the British countryside with little orange ladybirds or the popular RSPB Blossom and Bird Wallpaper showing little long tailed tit illustrations on english cherry blossom, representing the amazing work the RSPB charity does in the UK. Lorna's unique collection of prints allows you to pick from your favourite countryside memories and create a unique and cosy home environment to make you want to stay in!