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Bird Wallpaper UK Designer Indigenous Great British Birds

As featured in the May 2020 edition of IN STYLE magazine, read the behind the scenes blog post as a demonstration of Lorna’s hard work over the years as an independent UK designer.

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RSPB Bird Designs and UK Indiginous Bespoke Hand Drawn Fabrics

My bird collection features the Great Tit Blue Tit, Goldcrest, Greenfinch, Long Tailed Tit, Jenny Wren, Willow Tit, RSPB patterns and Britain’s favourite Christmas bird the Robin Redbreast designs in fabric, wallpaper, lampshade and cards/wrapping paper.

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Some of my designs are classic but the majority are contemporary wallpaper and fabric designs, my aspiration was always to be a British wallpaper designer, to be inspired by the British countryside and to print in the UK.



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