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Lorna works alongside private clients and interior designs to create bespoke projects. From wallpaper murals for children’s bedrooms and family pets represented on home interiors, Lorna creates beautiful prints in her distinct silhouetted style.

Lorna also creates three-dimentional installations which have been used in offices and private homes across the world. To see more of Lorna’s three-dimensional work please see the sister website to see the bespoke projects.

Bespoke Prints

Lorna has been working with private clients and companies creating bespoke designs. From beloved family pets designed in Lorna’s style for cushions and lampshades to bespoke wallpaper jungles for nurseries.

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Lorna’s three dimensional textile installations for interior spaces are unique. Her high quality surface solutions are used for acoustic panels, wall hangings, space dividers and screens. All of Lorna’s structural textile designs are handmade and have been tailored to the individual projects from conception to installation.

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Lorna’s wallflowers were designed as part of her degree project in 2008. After graduating Lorna sold a couple to a window display designer and they became Lorna’s signature bespoke designs. Flowers are made to order using a library of gorgeous duchess satins. Flowers can also be made in bespoke fabris.

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Manipulated Leaf Lampshades

These sumptuous duchess satin bespoke lampshades are made to order from a range of gorgeous colours. We can send you samples of our fabrics and match to interiors you already have.

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