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The best air-cleaning house plants

Air pollution is becoming a large problem which we’re slowly starting to take notice of and as most of us spend most of our time inside that out, having a air-cleaning house plant could be a great way to make your home a heathy environment to live in.

I love house plants, I have herbs and tomatoes sitting on my window sill, cactus and succulents in the living room and a spider plant (taken from one of my grandma’s off shoots) in the bathroom.

So, how do houseplants clean the air?

Plants absorb some of the particulates from the air at the same time that they take in carbon dioxide, which is then processed into oxygen through photosynthesis. But that’s not all—microorganisms associated with the plants are present in the potting soil, and these microbes are also responsible for much of the cleaning effect.

Beyond air quality, plants just make people feel better. For example, hospital patients with plants in their rooms were more positive and had lower blood pressure and stress levels.

I’ve been doing lots of research since launching my indoor plant pots so we can choose the best indoor plants for our displays and have found that some plants are scientifically proven (by NASA) to filter air better than others.

I’ve shared my favourite six below!

Photos from Pinterest and Lorna Sysonown photos

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