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Autumn seasonal squash risotto

The leaves are falling off the trees in gorgeous colours and in the shops lots of interesting new seasonal squashes are appearing on the shelves and local farmers markets. It’s making me think about wintery foods which can sometimes feel a little unhealthy so I set myself a challenge to try and simple recipe with these exciting seasonal squashes.

My brother and sister in law are thousands of miles away travelling around the USA and I’ve been reading their blog about their travels. Anna recently posted about a squash recipe she found on love and lemons so I thought I’d use this as my inspiration.

I’ve also been testing out our new tea towels in the kitchen, so proud of these. Will be on the website soon!

So my super simple recipe is;

– Cut the squash in half, drizzle with oil and salt and pepper, roast for around 45mins depending on how large it is.

– Fry off one onion and 1 clove of garlic in a frying pan.

– Add 400g of risotto rice and stir. Cook for approximately a minute.

– Add a small glass of white wine and bubble for another minute.

– Add in 1.2L of vegetable stock, one ladle at a time, make sure that each ladle is absorbed before adding in the next one, stirring all of the time.

– with the last ladle add in green beans and peas and cook for 5 minutes.

– Season well and then spoon over the roasted squash, even add a little nutmeg for taste.


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