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Best British Wrapping Paper Designs 2023 - Lorna Syson wins SME Enterprise Award

In the vibrant world of design, where creativity knows no bounds, recognition often stands as a testament to the artistry and dedication of talented individuals. Lorna Syson, a name synonymous with imaginative flair and innovation, has emerged as the proud recipient of the coveted title “Best British Wrapping Paper Designs 2023.” This achievement not only underscores her exceptional skills but also celebrates her remarkable contribution to British design.

The journey of Lorna Syson has been one marked by ingenuity, passion, and unwavering commitment. With a portfolio brimming with captivating designs and thoughtful creations, Lorna has etched her mark in the competitive landscape of British design. Her creations transcend the mundane, breathing life into the everyday by infusing her distinctive touch into every stroke, hue, and pattern.

The announcement of Lorna Syson as the winner of the “Best British Wrapping Paper Designs 2023” is a culmination of her dedication to her craft. Having poured her heart and soul into every design, Lorna has not only produced wrapping papers but has also woven narratives, emotions, and stories into them, both Lorna’s and some of her client’s, as often Pet Portrait Commissions feature in future Wrapping Paper and Greeting Card designs. Her designs resonate with a diverse audience, capturing the essence of pets, wildlife and the British countryside.

When approached for her thoughts on this remarkable achievement, Lorna’s elation is palpable. “I am incredibly honoured and humbled to receive this recognition for my wrapping paper designs,” she exclaims. “It’s a dream come true to see my work appreciated and celebrated on such a platform. This award reaffirms my belief in the power of design to bring joy, evoke emotions, and connect people.”

Best British Wrapping Paper Designs 2023

guinea pig Christmas wrapping paper luxury wrapping paper gift wrap illustrated wrap sustainable plastic free

Lorna’s success is not merely the result of creative prowess; it is also a testament to her relentless pursuit of excellence. Each design is meticulously crafted, underpinned by a profound understanding of colour palettes, motifs, and trends. Her designs, whether inspired by nature’s marvels or beloved animals, possess a timeless appeal that resonates with individuals from all walks of life.

The “Best British Wrapping Paper Designs 2023” award is a testament to Lorna’s ability to encapsulate the essence of British design in every creation. Her work embodies the spirit of innovation, paying homage to tradition while embracing the contemporary. Her designs effortlessly traverse the spectrum from classic elegance to modern vibrancy, catering to a wide range of preferences.

In celebrating Lorna Syson’s victory as the recipient of the “Best British Wrapping Paper Designs 2023,” we acknowledge the significance of design as a conduit for self-expression, connection, and celebration. As her designs continue to grace countless gifts, occasions, and cherished moments.

Popular Wrapping Paper Designs 

Having just celebrated Lorna Syson’s exceptional achievement in the world of wrapping paper design, let’s look at some of the most popular wrapping designs. 


Guinea Pig Wrapping Paper

The nations love of adorable Guinea Pigs is clear as this remains one of the most popular wraps we sell.

wrapping paper, luxury wrapping paper, gift wrap, plastic free, paper from an FSC-certified supplier, enviromentally friendly, sustainable, birthday paper, birthday wrapping paper. gifts, RSPB, bird design oxfordshire wildlife wrap bees, butterflies, wildflowers

British Wildlife Wapping Paper

Encapsulating the most beautiful British wildlife and showcasing the amazing flora and fauna found in the amazing countryside.

dinosaur wrapping paper dino wrap illustration british designer gift wrap FSC sustainable recycled paper dino

Dinosaur Wrapping Paper

Perfect for little ones, this Dinosaur Wrapping Paper is loved by girls and boys. The vibrant colours are super fun too.

Gift Wrap featuring British Birds present, dawn chorus, rspb, wrapping paper, gift wrap, luxury wrapping paper christmas wrapping paper RSPB

Bird Wrapping Paper

We wouldn't be celebrating the British countryside and it's rich wildlife without showcasing the bird's dawn chorus.

wrapping paper, luxury wrapping paper, gift wrap, plastic free, paper from an FSC-certified supplier, enviromentally friendly, sustainable, birthday paper, birthday wrapping paper. gifts, christmas wrap, wrapping paper, christmas, merry christmasWoodland animal wrapping paper, deer, badger, fox and hedgehog

Woodland Animals Wrap

Featuring some of the most popular woodland animals found throughout Britain including the fox , badger and hedgehog.

wrapping paper, luxury wrapping paper, gift wrap, plastic free, paper from an FSC-certified supplier, enviromentally friendly, sustainable, birthday paper, birthday wrapping paper. gifts, christmas wrap, wrapping paper, christmas, merry christmas Pet presents wrapping paper with spaniel, cockapoo and cat

Dog and Cat Wrapping Paper

The nations favourite pets, Dogs and Cats both feature on this fun Christmas wrapping paper, perfect for pet owners.

Best British Wrapping Paper Designs 2023 - What are the SME Awards?

The esteemed UK Enterprise Awards mark their seventh year of recognition. Having garnered substantial respect within the awards landscape, these awards have consistently spotlighted exceptional SMEs across the United Kingdom since their inception in 2017. With each award, a snapshot of the diligent efforts of SMEs comes into focus.

SME News takes pride in the widespread success and influence these awards have achieved. Encompassing a diverse spectrum ranging from modest single-employee enterprises to more sizable ones boasting a staff of 200 and spanning various sectors such as online retail and physical stores, the UK’s SME panorama radiates diversity. This prompts a commendation and celebration of these businesses for their significant contributions.

Acknowledging the prevailing challenges faced by UK businesses, the imperative is to adapt strategies for customer retention and acquisition, while harnessing effective promotional tools to expand networks. This is where the UK Enterprise Awards step in – they have effectively served both purposes. The allure of recognition for earnest endeavours, the aspiration to distinguish from peers, and the desire to showcase achievements all find fulfilment through the UK Enterprise Awards. The understanding that many enterprises are grappling with adversities underscores the decision to revive the UK Enterprise Awards. The core objective is to offer equitable opportunities to all UK SMEs to showcase their accomplishments.

In line with other accolades presented by SME News, the UK Enterprise Awards deploy an inventive adjudication approach. In tandem with nominations and submissions, SME News employs an in-house research team to diligently identify, evaluate, and acknowledge deserving businesses. This methodology ensures impartiality, irrespective of SME size or industry focus, setting it apart from conventional awards frameworks. The pride in this methodology is underscored, as it aptly recognises and celebrates those within the UK SME domain who have genuinely earned their laurels.

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