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I had to share Katie Spragg’s wonderful ceramics with you, I spotted them on the liberty website and did some searching to find out more about the artist. They are such a joy and each design tells it’s own story. Since moving to South East London I have seen and heard Parquets whenever I’m out walking Jenkins and they even pop over to our birds feeders every now and again. Katie gets her plates made in Stock on Trent and embellishes them with her designs in her studio.

She calls them Posh Pigeons and the true story taken out of the metro newspaper is printed on the back of the plate:

Dubbed “posh pigeons” by local residence the birds are rumoured to be descendants of ones which escaped during the filming of Humphrey Bogart’s movie ‘The African Queen’ which was filmed at Shepperton Studios in Surrey in 1951.

Did you know that ring necked parakeets are now one of the most spotted birds in the UK?