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Mood lighting provides one of the biggest opportunities for home owners to subtly but effectively influence the ambience of their home. Whether it is for the comfort of yourself or to entertain guests, lighting, when applied skilfully, can elicit a wide range of emotional responses. This can help to make or break  a party atmosphere, a relaxing environment or a romantic dinner for two; so carefully consider lighting in different environments. Hopefully this post will help you learn how to set the scene for any type of mood, it will impress guests and increase your own comfort and relaxation levels. Its cheap, easy and requires little effort, so why not give it a go?

1. Graduated Lighting

Images from left to right are from Home Design Ideas and Urban Outfitters

Graduated or spot lighting is ideal for illuminating dedicated areas such as the table laden with food ready to entertain guests. Brighter lighting will set a cheerful mood and encourages alertness and chatter, however direct harsh light can be off-putting, so if you have a dimmer switch use on a low setting. Alternatively, use dim bulbs such as energy saving ones to create a warm and atmospheric glow. This will create an intimate setting and will encourage your guests to feel comfortable relaxed and welcomed. Graduated lighting can also become a statement feature, a thing of visual beauty as well as functionality. Selecting a variety of different lampshades, such as these industrial feel ones and hanging them at different heights is quite spectacular within itself.

2. Mood Lighting with Candles

Images from left to right are from Elle Decoration and Nordic House

Candles are the perfect way to lower overall lighting levels, and hence subdue colours. Warm, soft light is more flattering to a persons features and a few choice lighting accents, such as illuminating corner or coves can enhance the mood greatly. As autumn arrives and the light fades it is important to layer up lighting to bring warmth and cosiness into your homes – an instant mood changer. Have a variety of candle sizes and shapes graduated in designated areas and turn all other lights off to create a soft glow. Read our guide to hygge post if you’re interested in other ways to create a cosy paradise.

3. LED

Images from left to right are from World Interiors News and archiproducts

LED lighting is exciting, visually interesting and can create a real point of interest and conversation. LED lights are more popular now than ever as they are easily installed and are fairly cheap. They are the perfect lights for parties as they can bring a sense of disco into any home. They come in a huge range of colours, and can often be interchanged, allowing you to illuminate your home with whatever colour fits your current mood. The entrance to your home is the perfect opportunity to welcome guests,  and set the tone for the evening. So use these fabulously coloured lights as a talking point and illuminate your favourite artwork with direct coloured light to create an interesting twist.

4) Fairy Lights

Images from left to right are from Architecture and Design and Home & Garden

Fairy lights are perfect for the pre-bed ritual helping you successfully prepare yourself for a good nights sleep, they can help you transition from the alertness of the day to the calm, restfulness of slumber. Lower light levels have the ability to thoroughly relax you and should be just bright enough for comfortable reading. Textures can be emphasized by low light as shadows are cast upon the wall, and light bounces of shiny objects, helping you to unwind at the end of a long day. Hopefully fairy lights should help you to drift off into a peaceful sleep.

5. Drum Lampshades

Our Greenfinch lampshade

Drum lampshades can create a focal point in a room, one lampshade hanging proudly in the centre of a room provides sufficient light, and adds a point of interest. Try hanging our 40cm lampshades for maximum impact. Shop our lampshades here, consider hanging our lampshades in their collections to give a sense of coordination, yet subtle colour variations. Hang at different lengths and sizes (our lampshades come in 3 sizes; 20, 30 and 40cm in diameter) for real effect.

Our Long Tailed Tit lampshade

Our lampshades have a reversible gimbles making them ideal for both hanging and attaching to a base for a lamp. Our 30cm size makes the perfect living room lamp size, and our 20cm lampshades are perfect for bedside tables.

We hope that these different ways of creating mood lighting can help you achieve the perfect situation by effectively placing lights and using different colours and brightnesses to enhance a situation.

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