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Astronaut pet greeting card and wrapping paper

Astronaut Pet Greeting Card

Award winning designer Lorna Syson Pet in space greeting card and wrapping paper collection. This popular astronaut pet greeting cards and wrapping papers make fantastic birthday cards for big and small kids!

The collection features a tabby called called Frieda,  black Labrador Retriever called Bolt, a Jack Russell called Jack, a Havanese called Jenkins ( Lorna’s own dog) and a Persian cat called Royal.

  • Illustrated pets in space
  • Printed in the UK on high quality paper from an FSC-certified supplier
  • Sent plastic free where possible
  • matching wrapping paper available.

The astronaut pet greeting cards include occasion cards for birthdays, valentines day, anniversaries and much more! There are also 4 plain greeting cards with no words or messages on, beautiful pet in space blank greeting cards.

If you would like this card sent directly from us to your loved one just click the handwritten message button under the cart and we can handwrite this and send it directly to your recipient for just £1. Just make sure you’ve got the delivery address correct.

Lorna designs and illustrates luxury greeting cards for all occasions such as birthday cards, thank you cards, wedding cards and many more! We are proud to be an independent greeting card and wrapping paper supplier based in the UK.

Lorna also works with selected shops to sell her cards, wrapping papers and homeware. If you would like to know more about buying Lorna’s products wholesale for your shop or boutique please get in touch at