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Chrysanthemum Interior Design

My fresh and floral Chrysanthemum design joined the Garden Collection back in 2016 and has been a firm favourite ever since. The bright yellow hue makes this design perfect for a beautiful spring interior and brightens up even the dullest of spaces.

The chrysanthemum design features on many products, cushions, lampshades, fabrics, wallpapers, roller blinds and is even featured in our stationery collection. Chrysanthemums are a lovely hardy perennial plant that will continue to flower through the late summer months. My favourites are the Bright Yellow flowers produced above the dark green foliage.

Inspiration behind the Chrysanthemum Design

When I was drawing the Chrysanthemum flowers I really wanted to show the depth and quantity of petals found within the chrysanthemum flowers. I used translucent block colours to show the shadows and shapes created when light passes through the flowers. Some of these images were taken from the chrysanthemum flowers I was growing in my roof garden at the time of illustrating this design.