christmas bird wrapping paper - christmas stationery - lorna syson - tropical bird watching


  • Printed in the UK on high quality paper.
  • Part of Lorna’s floral and fauna illustrations.
  • Will be folded to A4 size for posting.
  • Size: 50cm x 70cm

Christmas Bird Wrapping Paper


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Christmas Wrapping Paper – Tropical Birds


  • Printed in the UK on high quality FSC paper
  • Part of Lorna’s Bird Watching illustrations
  • Perfectly pairs with our tropical bird christmas cards


Postage is free in the UK. International delivery available please see delivery and returns

The Bird Watching wrapping paper is a firm favourite with bird fans and features many of Lorna’s most popular tropical birds from the Bird Watching Collection. To give the wrapping paper a christmassy twist Lorna has added seasonal hates to the birds and snowflakes against a blue backdrop.

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