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Watlington Woodland upcycled decoupage vintage cupboard and drawers


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Watlington Woodland upcycled decoupage vintage cupboard and drawers


  • Bespoke collaboration between Lorna Syson and Emma Whyte, under SysonWhyte
  • Wallpaper designed by Lorna Syson to fit the vintage cupboard and drawers
  • Vintage cupboard and drawers refurbished by hand by Emma Whyte
  • Wallpaper and decoupage details hand made by skilled crafts person, Emma Whyte
  • One off piece, each piece is unique
  • As seen in English Home Magazine


During Spring 2020, deep in lockdown, two designers and friends decided to combine their creative skills and shared passions, and SysonWhyte was born!  Print and pattern designer Lorna Syson and furniture up-cycler Emma Whyte carefully created an exclusive, bespoke collection made from preloved furniture refreshed with Lorna’s designs and brought to life by Emma’s decoupage skills.

Both Lorna and Emma have a deep affinity with the countryside, sustainability and producing quality pieces of furniture from unloved pieces, with the aim of creating future heirlooms.  These unique items are perfect for anyone who loves nature and wants to bring a splash of it into their home.