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Meet James and Jo the betrothed pair behind the fantastic BlogAndBuySaleI met James 10 years ago when I moved into Halls at University, he’s always had a good eye for design and been super creative. James and Jo perfectly compliment each other creating an inspiring and interesting website.

Tell us about the two of you and what it is like working with your husband/wide to be? How do you spilt the features?

It’s fun, we love going round design shops, trade fairs and shows together – that’s the best bit. We love chatting to the designers and seeing the products in the flesh. The hard bit is not to distract each other when there is blogging to do!

James is much more technical than me, so is constantly updating the site with the new features, or making tweaks to make sure the products look great on the site. It’s nice that we both get the write about the things we like, I tent to pick up features focussed on jewellery and home wear, whereas James picks up all the T-shirts and print articles as that’s what he loves.

Can you tell me why you decided to set up the BlogAndBuySale website?

BlogAndBuySale is all about helping up and coming talent looking to get noticed. There are so many brillaint things getting sold by independent artists and designers, but the problem is the public doesn’t always get to stumble upon them. We are here to help!

What is unique about the BlogAndBuySale?

We like to keep the quality of the products high that we feature on the blog, we always try to create easy to digest light hearted content that we feel others would like to read.

How do you find your features?

Having your finger on the pulse is very important so we try to make sure we are aware of what’s going on in the design world by visiting exhibitions and trade shows. Also designers / makers can submit products to us on our website and we are always keen to hear when a new product has been released.

We often brainstorm our best ideas after a few glasses of wine of Friday night, sad I know!

Who are you blogging Icons?

Inky Goodness
Its Nice That
Design Milk
Confessions of a Design Geek
Wrap Magazine
Bright Bazaar

For any budding bloggers out there, what would be your best tip for
starting out?

1) Source great imagery – This is so important for people selling online. People are drawn to great visuals and when it comes to design this is essential.
2) Begin a digital footprint – set yourself up on social platforms
3) Start an online site -there are loads of different forums to use, we chose Word Press and this has a lot of flexibility
4) Like what you write!

I’ve been following your blog and you always have such fantastic products on there, how do you manage not to buy them all?

If you come to our home (BlogAndBuySale HQ) you will see tons of our favourite products dotted around! We probably do buy more than we should but hey, we are supporting the industry