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British Foliage and Ferns Fabric and Wallpaper

One of Lorna’s most recent designs is her Fern collection. This nature filled pattern is inspired by a few things. The first being where Lorna lives. Lorna moved to the Oxfordshire countryside several years ago. Before this she was living in London and always found her way to wildlife and nature whilst living in the big city, however moving to the British countryside has allowed Lorna to get closer to the wildlife and plants that she loves. 


Lorna takes her two dogs Jenkins and Marlo on walks every day and feels lucky to live so close to wonderful open spaces and woodlands. Being surrounded by the beautiful countryside inspired Lorna to create her ferns design. This time also coincided with the UK lockdowns. This was a period when everyone was told to stay indoors and limit their time outside. This meant that people were focusing a lot on their home environment and trying to create interior spaces that made them feel happy and safe. Lorna knows how important it is to stay connected to the outdoors for your physical and mental health, so started incorporating biophilic design into her work more and more. 

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Award Winning Designer and International Press

Freelance Wallpaper and Fabric Designer Lorna Syson founded her interior design over a decade ago and has featured strongly in international press articles, magazine features and regularly displays at interior design exhibitions around Great Britain and Europe.

Read more about Lorna’s UK and international stockists and John Lewis partnership – Send a message via the contact form if you’d also like to be a stockist, or buy with a trade account as an interior designer yourself. 

Biophilic Design Wallpaper and Fabrics

As humans we need nature in our lives. Not everyone has access to the countryside on their doorstep so biophilic design is a way to integrate nature into our home and work environments. Historically we have designed our cities and suburbs in a way that isolates us away from nature and the outdoors. By using biophilic design in our architecture, interior design and workplace surroundings we can reconnect with nature once again. 


Some examples of biophilic design include using more windows and skylights in buildings, creating living walls, houseplants, using natural materials and using green and nature inspired shapes and patterns in interior design.


Using biophilic design elements like this helps to rebuild our connection with the outdoors and ‘bring the outdoors indoors’. This is really beneficial for our overall well being and mental health. The colour green can have a calming effect with a sense of security, which makes it ideal for interior design. Emotions associated with the colour green are: harmony, growth, peace, security, and protection. It can also provide a sense and feeling of rejuvenation.


Therefore a design inspired by outdoor countryside walks and the beautiful patterns found in nature was the perfect new addition to Lorna’s fabric and wallpaper collection. The fern features heavily in this design. They are a lush green plant commonly found in British woodlands. As they are seen all over the woodlands their delicate leaves lend themselves well for a pattern to be used on fabric and wallpaper.

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Ferns Fabric and Wallpaper

In addition to the green foliage of the fern leaves, the design also includes british butterflies and bees. The ferns fabric is printed to order and is perfect for curtains, blinds and domestic upholstery. 

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The fern wallpaper, made in the UK, is easy to install. The non woven wallpaper won’t shrink or expand over time. It features a grey background with green fern leaves, blue and yellow butterflies and British bees. This nature inspired wallpaper would look great in any room of the house where you want to add a touch of nature and feel connected to the outdoors. It would also make for great feature wall wallpaper and will work with your existing furniture and décor pieces to create a fresh feel in any room.


Lorna even used this wallpaper when she redecorated her home office. If there is anywhere that you want to feel peaceful and calm, it’s when you are working so this is definitely a great choice for a home office wallpaper.

Wallpaper Interior Design for Feature Walls with Matching Fabric

Ferns Greetings Cards and Wrapping Paper

Illustrated birthday card with bee and flowers thank you ferns
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Illustrated birthday card with bee and flowers

You can also enjoy this fern design on greetings cards and wrapping paper. They make a wonderful pairing for birthday presents, Mother’s Day gifts and for anniversaries. Lorna has designed several different versions for the greetings cards.


There is the Ferns card which can be used for any occasion, Ferns birthday card, Ferns Thank you card, Ferns Blue card for any occasion and Ferns yellow card for any occasion. If you can’t decide or just want a lovely selection of greetings cards for all occasions on hand then there is the Fern greetings cards set which includes three plain art cards, two birthday cards and one thank you card. The designs feature British flora and fauna including fern leaves, forget-me-nots, bees and butterflies.


Any gift you give will look stunning wrapped in the fern wrapping paper and accompanied with any of the fern greetings cards. Lorna’s wrapping paper is of high quality so could also be reused or offcuts used for crafts and creative projects. 

Ferns Candles

Three of Lorna’s hand poured ceramic candles have the fern designs illustrated on the ceramic pot. Lorna worked closely with a sustainable and eco-friendly candle brand in the UK to decide on the scents for her candles. Lorna paired the wild fig scent with her butterfly and fern design, British Hedgerow scent matched with the bee, floral and forget me not design and English Pear and Spice scent with her blue and yellow ceramic vessel.

Eco Friendly Christmas Cards designer uk Gift Wrap luxury wrapping paper ceramic candle

The hand poured eco friendly plant wax is made from a mixture of non GM soya, rapeseed and coconut oil to create a clean burn using high quality fragrance oils. Each candle is paraben free and phthalate free. The reusable vessel has a real gold rim and has been hand decorated in Stoke-on-Trent, UK. The candle will give a clean burn for 60 hours. After the candle has been enjoyed the reusable vessel can be used as a toothbrush holder, make-up brush holder, pen pot, plant pot and much more! Lorna would love to see what you end up using your candle pot for afterwards so please share any photos and tag @lornasyson on Instagram. 

Lorna’s eco-friendly candles make beautiful gifts. Great for Christmas gifts, birthday presents, new home gifts and Mother’s day presents. Each candle comes wrapped in Lorna’s ferns wrapping paper and tied with a ribbon so it is a very easy, ready made gift.

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