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Bird Wallpaper British Designer RSPB Sale

Lorna has been working with the Royal Society for Protection of Birds (RSPB) for several years. Some of her favourite designs have featured in these collections and she has donated over £5000 to the charity over this time period. Lorna launched her RSPB collection in 2019 at Decorex International where she was runner up in best newcomer for this collaboration. Since then the RSPB collection has grown and the designs are featured not only on wallpaper and fabrics but also on other homeware accessories such as cushions, lampshades, greetings cards and gift wrap.

Unfortunately all good things have to come to an end and the collaboration will be finishing. Therefore all of Lorna’s RSPB collection will be going into the sale from the end of December 2022. Keep an eye on Lorna’s studio sale for your chance to purchase the last of these beautiful RSPB designs at a discounted price. This is a great opportunity to purchase some designer wallpaper or fabrics at a discount, FREE UK delivery with all orders of £100 or more.

British designer birds wallpaper rspb locally sourced sustainable

From childhood I have always had a fascination with British birds and British wildlife. I am lucky to have grown up in Warwickshire and to have had many holidays along the south coast as a child. This is where my love for the outdoors and British birds developed. It’s the feeling of being outside and close to nature which through my life has been connected with turning off, school holidays, weekends and family holidays! As I got older and would go on long dog walks and explore new areas like London, we were surrounded by some fabulous parks in South East London and it was amazing how much nature would live alongside the busy capital! 

Wallpaper Floral Designs, Birds and British Wildlife

I would see the natural beauty everywhere, I call it the hidden beauty of nature, the things you miss when you’re so busy, or late for something or attached to your mobile! I hope that my designs help people reconnect with things that are just outside our front door or kitchen window and appreciate just how beautiful it all is!

All this has led me to create uplifting nature inspired patterns. In particular some of my bird wallpaper designs take inspiration from specific childhood memories.

RSPB Hummingbird Wallpaper Teal Blue and Mint Green Colourways

The RSPB collection has grown in popularity with customers too. Customer favourites are definitely the RSPB teal hummingbird and RSPB mint hummingbird. These designs are bright and cheerful and feature bold teal colourway and the gorgeous mint colourway. The hummingbirds are captured between honeysuckle which add interest to the print. These designs can be purchased as fabric, wallpaper, cushions, lampshades and stationery. 

Due to popular demand a grey colourway was also introduced. The RSPB Hummingbird Grey colour-way is a limited edition colour-way design only printed on wallpaper and it’s one of Lorna’s favourites with a neutral base to lighten rooms but pops of greens and oranges in the honeysuckle.

The hummingbird design shows illustrations of honeysuckle with hummingbirds darting between leaves and flowers. The Ruby- throated hummingbird is common across the Americas and through discussions with the RSPB and Lorna decided to use this bird to highlight the wonderful work the RSPB do outside of the UK.

Discounted Sale Bird Wallpaper UK Free Delivery with £100 Spend

10% of the sales of the RSPB collection goes to the charity to support the amazing work they do. The work that the RSPB does has always been close to Lorna’s heart and it is a dream come true that she can support the charity through her business and raise awareness about the work they are doing.

Grey and Navy Blue RSPB British Bird Patterns – Interior Designer Top Rated

The RSPB Blossom and Bird design in grey and navy have also been purchased a lot by customers and interior designers. The navy wallpaper makes a bold statement and the grey design is more subtle. Both can be purchased as wallpaper and fabric and across Lorna’s other homeware accessories and stationery. 

Robin Red Breast Winter Bird RSPB Design Sale

The distinctive Robin Redbreast is one of my favourite British Birds, view my whole Robin patterns and designs:

red robin gardener gift plant and storage pot, fabric pot, RSPB, bird design long tailed tit plant pot storage pot fabric pot made in the UK british made robin christmas

Red Robin Bird Planter

robin christmas greetings card RSPB bird designer luxury

Robin Greetings Card – Did you know in 2015 there was a nationwide ballet to find the Britain’s national bird with more than 200,000 votes the Robin won with 34% (source: Independent)

Interior Design Birds Wallpaper Supplier UK Robin British Designer Bird

Bullfinch, Long-Tailed Tit Bird Wallpaper and Fabrics

Finding Beauty and Inspiration in British Urban areas 

When I moved to London I still loved to spend time outdoors. Some of my bird wallpaper designs were inspired by my walks through South London in parks and on my way to my studio. You don’t always think of cities like London as having a lot of beautiful wildlife, but some of my favourite bird designs were imagined here.  You can view all my handmade designs in my Songbird Collection. Free UK Shipping on all orders over £100.

My Bullfinch Designer Bird Wallpaper is a modern bird wallpaper in a coral peach and grey, but it is inspired by trying to spot these secretive birds. They are really hard to spot but here I’ve drawn two adult males, the females are more yellow in colour! This image is from an airbnb in Eastern Europe.

Great Tits have also heavily influenced my designs. These colourful British birds used to nest outside my bedroom window as a child, so I feel they were part of my everyday life growing up. As a teenager I did not appreciate being woken up so early, but when I first moved to London and lived in a small ex council flat on the 4th floor in east London, the same birds were nesting outside my window! This was at the start of my business and was when I decided to draw these beautiful birds. I now have these lovely little great tits raising a family in our crab apple tree in Oxfordshire.

It remains today one of my most popular bird wallpaper designs, I think because of its Scandinavian feel with its silhouetted bird shapes with blues and yellows.

Cherry Blossom and British Bird Wallpaper Navy – Long Tailed Tits

The Blossom and Bird design shows long tailed tits on english cherry blossom, this shows the work the RSPB do in the UK. This is actually one of my favourite designs. The navy colourway has been an amazing seller for us in the Wallpaper, especially in America and the grey colourway looks fantastic as curtains and blinds.

Luxury Designer Wallpaper Handmade UK Designer Floral Fabrics Lampshades Interior Accessories Bespoke British Birds Wildlife Flowers

Another thing that the RSPB does that I am a big supporter of is the Big Garden Watch. For the last 40 years the RSPB has had the largest garden wildlife citizen science project. Once a year, for one hour in the UK – hundreds of thousands of people have volunteered their time providing the RSPB with over million hours of monitoring garden birds.

In the past, nearly half a million people counted almost eight million birds, making Birdwatch one of the most popular boradcasts of it’s time. I felt so pleased to see that some of my favourite birds made the top ten including, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Robin and Long-Tailed Tit. 

It comforts me to know that there are things we can do to monitor the presence of our beautiful British birds. You can see how much of an inspiration they are to my work and I hope they continue to be in the future. 

Luxury Designer Wallpaper Handmade UK Designer Floral Fabrics Lampshades Interior Accessories Bespoke British Birds Wildlife Flowers

Hummingbird Mint Blue Wallpaper – Paste and How Much to Order

Please refer to my “How much wallpaper Do I need Calculator” information for help with ordering and batch numbers, pattern repeat and more tips.

The wallpaper is printed in the UK on high quality non woven paper, and I’m often asked what the best wallpaper past is for the good quality paste the wall papers. 

The RSPB works in the UK and around the world and they carry out conservation work to  protect habitats, save species, and help to end the nature and climate emergency. The RSPB website also has so much useful information for bird lovers and bird watchers. If you want to spot British birds in your garden or around England there are handy birdwatching tips and a useful Bird A-Z directory. Bird watching in the garden with children is a great way to get them interested in wildlife and British birds.