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Online Wallpaper Calculator – How Much Wallpaper Do I Order?

I understand how hard it can be to work out how much wallpaper you need for your wall, especially when it’s got a repeating pattern and using phrases such as square or half drop repeat. So I hope the info below will help you work out how much you need!

Refund for unused rolls of wallpaper As a sole trader, I print in small batches, sometimes as small as 24 rolls per batch. This is why I always say to customers to ‘over order’ if they’re not sure to guarantee they have enough from the same batch. I accept returns of unopened full rolls so if you don’t use that last roll you can send it back for a refund. Remember you automatically get FREE UK delivery on orders over £100, just click the option at the checkout.

Wallpaper Paste Tips – Paste The Wall and Hang The Wallpaper

Click to watch the video below on how to paste the wall and hang the wallpaper. A few words of advice: ‘A good quality, PH neutral, solvent-free, fungicide protected, light grade adhesive. Do not use self-mix adhesives. All purpose and heavy duty pastes are not suitable.’

Here’s a list of adhesives we feel are suitable: Albany Super Smooth Wallcovering Adhesive, Albany Speciality, Coles, Brian Yates Formula 32, Sanderson Elite, Harelequin, Little Greene, Solvite “Paste the Wall” Ready mixed adhesive and Brian Yates Formula 350 are recommended by us.

How do I protect my wallpaper?

We recommend for high traffic areas or bathrooms cover the wallpaper with a Decorators Varnish, our favourite one is Polyvine, dead flat clear


Repeat Pattern Wallpaper Calculator – Tables for each of my wallpaper designs below.

These tables can also be found on the wallpaper listings if you would like to see a larger version.

I’ve spent time working out estimates in the below tables for all of my designs to give you a rough idea of how much wallpaper you would need for your home but please get in touch with any questions so I can help. In your email please let me know your wall size and design and I can do a bespoke quote for you.

Working out how much wallpaper you need can be a confusing task, especially as my designs are hand-drawn patterns, normal wallpaper calculators often don’t work because they don’t take into account the needed pattern match. For example, my Watlingon bird wallpaper, the latest 2021 design, is in a repeated square pattern.


If you want to have a go at working them out yourself please see my step by step guide on how to do this

Working Out How Many Rolls of Wallpaper You Need in 3 Steps

  1. Knowing the height and width of your space is key
  2. Knowing the pattern repeat size
  3. Knowing if the wallpaper you have chosen is straight or half drop repeat – I design using both options, see my diagram below showing what the difference is. This is also written on my website listings

Juneberry and Bird Wallpaper example

In the example below I’ve used my popular Juneberry and Bird wallpaper this has a pattern repeat of 30.3cm and is a square repeat.

The example wall is 260cm high and 350cm wide

Calculating Wallpaper Full Repeats

To know how many full repeats I can fit into the first drop you take the height of the wall which is 270cm and divide this by 30.3. This gives an answer of 8.58 which means there are 8.58 full repeats in the height. To make the wallpaper match in the second drop you need to have completed the repeat so I would round this up to 9.

To then work out the total length of this first drop I would take 9 (number of full drops)  x 30.3 (the pattern repeat) which totals 272.7cm which is the length you need for the first drop.

Now we know the drop of each wallpaper strip we can work out how many rolls we need to do the width. The wallpaper is 10m long and our drops is 2.727m we can get 3 wallpaper drops out of one roll.

The wallpaper is 52cm wide, so multiplying this by 3 gives us 156cm, which is the width 1 roll will give us therefore we are able to work out that 3 rolls are needed for this project.

Please note I’m unable to work with sloped ceilings, windows or doors so please talk to a decorator if you need something more bespoke.

Do remember that the wallpaper charts are a guide only to help provide an approximate roll recommendation only. Lorna Syson cannot be held responsible for any incorrect quantities of wallpaper ordered.

Please note, if your room dimensions are different or you’re looking at a different design you will need to change the workings out. As always you can call me on 02084 659 819 or send me a message online.

Wallpaper Paste Recommendations

The wallpaper is printed in the UK on high quality non woven paper, and I’m often asked what the best wallpaper paste is for paste the wall wallpapers. Please find my recommendations below

A good quality, PH neutral, solvent-free, fungicide protected, light grade adhesive. Do not use self-mix adhesives.

All purpose and heavy duty paste are not suitable.’

The keyword above is ‘light grade.’ All heavy-grade pastes can be too aggressive for the wallpapers.

The following list is what I would classify as suitable.

Albany Super smooth
Albany Speciality
Brian Yates Formula 32
Sanderson Elite
Little Greene
Solvite Paste the wall Ready mixed adhesive
Brian Yates Formula 350