FSC Handmade Father’s Day Cards Luxury Designer FREE UK Delivery

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FSC Handmade Father’s Day Cards Luxury Designer FREE UK Delivery

FSC Handmade Father’s Day Cards – Free UK Delivery

All Lorna Syson cards are FSC certified, which means that you can be assured all materials used have been sourced from a forest approved by the Forest Stewardship Council, a non-profit international organisation dedicated to promoting responsible forestry around the world.

Father’s Day Cards Personalised and Handmade

You have the choice to personalise any of my handmade greetings cards for £1, that’s right – just one English pound! If you would like this card sent directly from us to your loved one just click the “handwritten message” button under the cart and we can handwrite this and send it directly to your recipient for just £1.

  • Printed in the UK on high quality FSC paper
  • Plastic wrap is biodegradable
  • Sent plastic-free where possible
  • Best Dad, Daddy, Superhero, and Animal Designs

Best Daddy Ever handmade Father’s Day Card – Remember you can personalise any greetings card on my website.

Best Dad zebra zoo Animal Father’s Day Card – Aqua envelope included.

You’re the Best Dog Dad card – Grey craft envelope included and left blank inside for your own message.

You’re the Best Cat Dad card – 15cm x 10cm, grey craft envelope included

Daddy You’re My Superhero Father’s Day Card – Say thank you to your dad for being the best there is. Always looking out for you dads are superheroes!

Handmade Father’s Day Cards Sustainable and Ethical

I think we can all agree that using recycled paper and cardboard is positive for the environment, from leaflets, newspapers, magazines and packaging materials, to greetings cards, gift wrap and envelopes.

Many Father’s Day cards are produced using partially recycled materials, but did you know? During the manufacturing process chemicals can be used to bleach the card to white which is viewed as commercially attractive. With storage, transport and shipping there’s the whole journey these types of recycled card makes around the world internationally before ending up on the shelf of a UK supermarket, store or website.

It’s a documented fact in 2021 there are billions of tonnes of recycled card that’s produced in Eastern countries. These greetings cards are shipped in gigantic containers across the oceans to England, pumping out C02 into our fragile atmosphere as the cargo ships that are used burn fossil fuels, including oil and products such as diesel. Sadly, a lot of these gigantic vessels are several decades old, hence they were not constructed in a time of environmental focus, they are certainly not efficient and run on our planet’s precious fossil fuels. These are irreplaceable and are being depleted every day at a mind-boggling rate.

Upon docking here in the UK, the container ships are offloaded onto diesel lorries and trains, so the recycled card, paper, and cardboard is only then delivered to the manufacturing companies who process the paper mush to make the familiar greetings cards. Remember that these types of cards will then be transported driven breadth and length of the motorway and road systems in our country, direct to distribution depots. It’s not over yet – the cards are then unpacked and reloaded onto trains, lorries and delivery vans to distribute to supermarkets, high street shops and business warehouses to sell online.

We send on average 55 years per person per year in England. That’s a lot of paper products, envelopes, and card.

The most popular annual occasions being Fathers Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter. It’s a shame that when these dates are passed, these greetings cards are removed from the store shelves. In retail it’s common for stores to be on a sale or return agreement, so back overseas they go! Loaded back into shipping containers, to be returned back to the recycling plants.

The paper cycle and ‘recycling’ process start all over again.

Luxury Designer Father’s Day Cards – Planet Kind and Sustainable

Pause for a moment to consider the benefits of buying FSC card, from sustainable sources. FSC plant trees internationally and are sustainable, replaced with new seedlings as the felling takes place around the world. The Forest Stewardship Council helps the planet with their endorsement for paper and card, so when you see the symbol in the UK we have the confidence of being part of an ethical and eco-friendly purchase.

Should you find yourself browsing a greetings card in a store, supermarket or high street shop, so remember to take a moment to reconsider your choice – whether the convenience and lower cost would be planet kind. This is why everyone benefits from using an online gift wrapping and greetings card website as championed by Lorna Syson. Her methods include a print-on-demand ordering system producing handmade weekly calendars, greetings cards, and wrapping paper that are environmentally friendly and conscious-free.