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Happy International Penguin Day!

It’s International Penguin Day! Lorna loves all birds and are a constant inspiration for her designs and greeting cards. Her Penguin cards feature a pair of impressive emperor penguins. Their orange collars add a beautiful pop of colour against their crisp black and white bodies.
 At this very moment, Emperor Penguins are on their long trek back to their home or ‘rockery’ to start mating after months of feeding in the cold Antarctic. This fantastic photograph shows the speed of these remarkable birds that can reach 700 meters deep!
Lorna’s card depicts a common site in captivity male partners looking after one chick. Her inspiration came specifically from a couple in Wingham Wildlife Park in Kent who adopted an egg after the mother refused to look after it. Jumbs and Kermit were first seen pairing in 2012 and have reared the chick from 2014. The surrogate parents are extremely popular in the zoo and are likely to be partners for life!
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Written by Eleanor for Lorna Syson’s Our World.

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