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Creativity and Innovation Day is about celebrating and encouraging people to generate new ideas. In the studio, we are constantly pushing ourselves to adapt current designs and create new ones. In the run up to our photoshoot for the new collection we are pulling ideas together from everyone in the studio, this is the essence of Creativity and Innovation Day, to celebrate every person’s imagination. With now over 50 countries joining together for this day, we are very excited to see how people over the world are coming together to rejoice in inspiration.

For our celebration of this day we have taken time to create this mood board to show you how the process of how the Hydrangea design was created in the Bloom collection. Even though the studio is a very creative place to be in, sometimes we can be so busy with orders and other admin we don’t give ourselves time to be fully creative. Creativity and Innovation Day has given us the excuse to take a small break and go back to one of our favourite designs and look at how the idea initially started and how the colours have developed from the original idea.

When designing the hydrangea design I was heavily influenced by the Hydrangea bush in my Grandma’s back garden. If you look closely you can see it in the background of this photo of us from 2003. This bush in more recent memories has got so large it can be seen when sitting in the living room and I loved the petals that changed from pink to blue. I later found out this is because there was a combination of different soils because the soil dictates the colours of the petals!

The hydrangea is a well know plant in British gardens, it’s easy to keep and gives you a wonderful spray of large blooms in late summer. In this design I wanted to capture the feeling you get on later summer evening walks, sometimes on holiday when you head out for a walk after dinner or when you realised there aren’t many long days left in summer and you want to make the most of them. I always take my camera with me which is where I start the design process, trying to capture the small intricate shapes and repeats which I can then drawn in my own silhouetted back in the studio. You’ll see on the Instagram account these are often shared.

On many of these walks hydrangeas are in full bloom and always catch my eye which means for me, a hydrangea bush often goes hand in hand with the feeling of relaxation, stress free days and family. Sometimes in bustling London, on days when the word relaxation couldn’t be further than reality, seeing this large bloom shrub tumbling over someones garden wall in front of their house can remind me of these days!

In this design I picked up on the blue hydrangeas which are grown in acidic soils and added the little ladybird, the orange colour is contrasting from the blue, which makes the insect pop out and adds something a little different to the design. Something which I have also done in the Broom and Bee sky and Broom and Bee dusk designs, also part of the Bloom collection!

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