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The Buddleia design joins our Garden Collection in 2017 and will officially be launched on to our products and fabric by the metre at Top Drawer  September 2017. Expect to see it on our website available to pre-order from August, be the first to know about new products launches by signing up to our news letter, and receive 10% off your first order!

This new sophisticated design is the sister design to Buds & Butterflies as they both share dark coloured moody hues and could be considered the most ‘grown-up’ designs to date. The dark coloured background pairs nicely with the contrasting pops of white provided by the buddleia and the bright colours of the butterflies that flock to the plant in the summertime. This is the ideal design to create a cosy and homely interior and the colours make it trans-seasonal and can easily be paired with others to create the desired finished interior.

Buddleia Design Inspiration and Moodboard

Photos from Pinterest and Lorna Syson designs

When planning and designing it is important to consider the designs relevance to current collections. If it looks too different it could be taking away from the brands image, so colours must be carefully considered along with scale and imagery. However it must look different enough to be considered a design within its own right, without competing with our existing designs, it is a close balance that requires precision.

Before we start designing we gather images and ideas for reference and starting points, and create mood boards and colour palettes for them that remain on hand during the entire process from start to finish.

Photo shoot Plan

Rigorous planning goes into making sure everything runs like clock work on the day, maximising the potential of great photos and time. Weeks before the shoot, time tables are planned and images are collaged together to create a reference point to use on the day. We tend to plan our big shoots first as these are most important, this enables us to adjust the running order to accommodate these images if things were to go wrong on the day.

We try to create compositional ideas that mimic those of a real life home settings, this helps to show how our products would be used in an everyday situation and how they could work within your own home.

Behind The Scenes on Shoot Day

The day tends to be hectic and long, however if planned properly should all go to plan, enabling us to have a variety of great shots, showcasing both new and old designs. The photos have a variety of uses including for our website, blog, brochures and press – we have to tailor our shot depending on their final function.

The shoot is also a lot of fun and is incredibly rewarding as hard work that goes into the design process is finally visible on products, which means it will be available to purchase soon after!

Final Images

Studio dog Jenkins sure knows how to work the camera, on shoot day one he was incredibly nervous as a lot of people were crammed into his personal space, however on day two he came out of  his shell and helped to produce some great shots! He is a great ‘prop’ as he makes a still life set up look real, lived in and homely – we think hes the cutest!

We hope that you love this beautiful design as much as we do and that our styling tips and inspiration help you to incorporate different colours and textures within your own home – keep a look out for our new design releases, were really pleased with the final outcome!


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