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Cheap and Easy Garden Party Decorations

It’s National Gardening Week this week and with all of our collections taking inspiration from nature, we think its only right to celebrate our gardens. It’s the time of the year when the BBQ gets a good scrub and the bunting is pulled out of the attic and in this guide we look at how you can make the perfect Garden Party. We have tried to use things you have probably already got buried in your house, leaving more time to enjoy the weather with your friends and family!Dig through your recycling and pull out bottles and fill with flowers from your garden. See our guide on which plants attract bees and butterflies to pick not only beautiful flowers but will also help these insects thrive. Decorate the glass jars with ribbon and tags to add a special touch.Instead of the classic bunting, which can take a long time, make streamers. Cut brightly coloured tissue paper in long strips, and tie to a long piece of string. To add a bit more detail, cut circles from your old birthday cards and wallpaper and sew down the centre of the first circle, lift the needle and pull a bit of string to make a gap for then the second circle to be sewn. Lorna used damaged wallpaper samples to make these beautiful streamers, which look incredible with the sun shining and the wind blowing through them. You can get a hold of our wallpapers here and get samples for free.Using more scraps of birthday cards and wallpapers you can also make beautiful nametags, which add a special touch and separates occasional difficult family members! Double this up as a a small gift for your guests to leave with, wrap seeds in the nametag to take a bit of your garden home with them!For this next idea you may need to buy some more tissue paper unless you have a large stack ready! To make these giant pompoms take a stack of tissue paper and concertina them length ways, as if your making a fan. Tie the centre with string, leaving it long so you can tie it up, and cut each end in a semi circle. Pull each layer of tissue out and see the giant pompom reveal itself!

For the finishing touch to your garden party table, use one of our plant pots! Not just useful to hold plants but also to cover food to keep away the bees and butterflies you have been attracting!We hope you enjoy getting creative this spring and we would love to hear how you have made the most out of National Gardening Week.

All of these photographs were taken for Lorna’s wedding last May by Alex Lloyd.

Written by Eleanor for Lorna Syson Our World.

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