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Day Out To Stratford Butterfly Farm

I am always drawing inspiration from the wildlife around me but it can sometimes be hard to get near to some animals or insects, especially butterflies, so Stratford Butterfly Farm seemed like a great place to visit to get super close to some of natures finest!

Walking into the Farm feels like magic as you are instantly surrounded by beautiful butterflies flying around everywhere and, if you’re lucky, landing on you too. There are so many different species to see all at once it can almost be a little overwhelming at first. Once you’re over that though, it’s amazing to be so close to so many butterflies at once and I love being able to clearly see the different patterns on each ones unique wings; all different but just as interesting as the next.

There is an entirely separate room for the caterpillars to live. The room is full of various British and exotic plants for the little creepy crawlies to munch on, it was amazing to watch them wiggle around in follow-the-leader like lines looking for the next free leaf to claim as their own. My favourite were these little striped ones, which have two sets of antenna to help them smell and they will eventually turn into Monarch Butterflies.

Butterflies and caterpillars are not the only things to see at the Farm. Running around the tree roots are tiny, colourful quail, and flying around above your head are budgies and parakeets. There are bright koi fish you can feed in the pond and if you are tall enough you can even spot the three giant iguanas peering down at your from the tops of the trees called Stumpy, Princess and Prudence.

There are also other rooms for insects, reptiles and if you can handle it, arachnids! In the insect room it was so interesting to see how ants build their colonies under the ground and actually see the intricate tunnels they build. One of my favourite parts of the insect room was a spiral rope that Leafcutter ants were walking up and down carrying little leaves twice their size to store for later.

I came away from the Butterfly Farm with so much inspiration for future designs and colour palettes. I went with the impression there would just be butterflies to see, so it was a lovely surprise to find so many other creatures and insects there too, more than worth the ticket price. I really recommend the Farm to everyone of all ages, it’s the perfect day out for the entire family as there is something for everyone and to be able to interact with the butterflies makes it feel extra special.



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