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This is Otis, a hearing dog in training who you can sponsor!

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is a charity that train dogs to help deaf people. Being deaf  can be very isolating, which is why hearing dogs are so great! They alert their owners to noises including the doorbell, alarm clock or emergency signals, which may otherwise be missed.

As well as doing this, they are a loyal friend and companion when their owner may feel lonely or frightened. This gives a deaf person a sense of confidence and independence they may not have had before!

Our friend Darcey is a hearing dog who features on two of our cards and wraps! He is our Cockpit Arts neighbour’s studio dog and does a fantastic job. He’s also Jenkins best friend. When Jenkins first came to us he was scared of coming into the studio, the lift and the majority of studio holders! He loves dogs and we ended up having Darcey in with us for part of the day to keep him calm. Jenkins loves Darcey and goes crazy when he see’s a King Charles Spaniel when in the park or outside the car window!

Left: Darcey The King Charles Dog Card/ Right: Me and Darcey

Darcey spent the early months of his life with a hearing dogs volunteer that trained him to be an amazing helper for a deaf person. Throughout training the puppies must pass a series of awards called puppy stars, which sounds like hard work, but also lots of fun! Once they have passed their first three puppy stars, the dogs are paired with their deaf owner. This is how Darcey found his home!

Darcey and our studio dog Jenkins are best friends!

Hearing Dogs For Deaf People opened a restaurant and gift shop called The Grange last spring. It’s based in Buckinghamshire and was designed especially with deaf people and their dogs in mind! It’s a lovely place that is welcoming for everyone, with their main aim to make sure everyone leaves feeling happy and uplifted.

The gift shop offers a range of unique and stylish gifts so you can treat a friend… or yourself! They have our cards in there too!

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