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Jungle Birthday Greetings Cards and Animal Safari Gift Wrap

New for 2023 Jungle Collection Cards and Gift Wrap

I have taken my love of animals and wildlife to the next level with my new jungle Birthday Greetings Cards collection. This collection features a whole host of new animals and plants in the illustrations. From exotic palm leaves to lazy leopards there is something for every jungle animal fan and safari animal lover. The animal themed cards also make great birthday cards for kids, particularly if they are having a jungle themed birthday party.

Jungle Themed Happy Birthday Cards

In this jungle collection, there are 5 new birthday cards. The first is a very cheeky monkey with the message Go Wild It’s Your Birthday. This card features a monkey hanging from the trees of the jungle canopy to wish the recipient a happy birthday.

jungle greeting card, big cat, tiger, leopard, birthday card, plastic free FSC sustainable monkey chimp go wild its your birthday

As with all my greetings cards, the new designs are printed in the UK using high quality paper from an FSC-certified supplier. The cards are sent plastic free where possible and any plastic wrap used is recyclable.

The second new happy birthday card from the jungle collection features a simple but stunning banana leaves and palm leaves illustration as the backdrop with Happy Birthday messaging in white outlined letters. This birthday card would be great for any adult who loves nature or tropical holidays.

jungle greeting card, big cat, tiger, leopard, birthday card, plastic free FSC sustainable monkey chimp go wild its your birthday happy birthday banana leaves palm leaves

Jungle Birthday Cards For Boys

The third new jungle design birthday card is for the boys! It features a toucan and a baboon hanging out in the jungle vegetation and the message says Happy Birthday Handsome. This would make a perfect birthday card for him whether that be your husband, partner or boyfriend.

jungle greeting card, big cat, tiger, leopard, birthday card, plastic free FSC sustainable monkey chimp go wild its your birthday baboon toucan happy birthday handsome

The fourth new jungle collection birthday card is more safari themed as it features a beautiful giraffe who is giving a lift to a monkey! The message reads Happy Birthday to You. If you know someone who is having a safari themed birthday party or just loves the wild animals of the African Savannah this card will definitely put a smile on their face.

greeting card jungle giraffe monkey birthday card plastic free fsc recycled

The  jungle birthday card could be a new favourite. It features a lazy leopard lounging in the jungle treetops. The message reads “Have a roaring Birthday”. This leopard is beautifully illustrated and will delight any big cat lover on their birthday.

jungle greeting card, big cat, tiger, leopard, birthday card, plastic free FSC sustainable

Kids Jungle Greetings Cards and Animal Wrapping Paper

These two new greetings cards are great for when you need to send a simple message. Maybe you have lost touch with an old friend or just need to reconnect. A Thank You card is also often a small gesture that can be overlooked but means so much.

The Hello card features gorgeous jungle palm leaves with Hello written in white outlined letters. The Thank You card has a lovely scarlet macaw perched in the jungle trees with a yellow background and striking blue butterfly.

Cards Sent Straight to the Recipient

If you would like this card sent directly from us to your loved one just click the handwritten message button under the cart and we can handwrite this and send directly to your recipient for just £1. Just make sure you’ve got the delivery address correct.

Jungle Collection Celebration Card

The final greetings card in Lorna’s new jungle collection is a bold green jungle leaf design with a mustard yellow background. The messaging reads Have a wild celebration. This card is a great one to send for any occasion. It could be used for a birthday card or to congratulate the recipient on passing their exams or getting a new job.

jungle greeting card, big cat, tiger, leopard, birthday card, plastic free FSC sustainable monkey chimp go wild its your birthday happy birthday banana leaves palm leaves wild celebration

Jungle Collection Gift Wrap

I couldn’t launch a new collection without including a matching wrapping paper! This Jungle Palm Leaves Banana Leaves wrapping paper will match or complement any of the new jungle greetings cards. Your present will really stand out in this vibrant and unique gift wrap, featuring palm and banana leaves, making it a great all round wrapping paper for birthdays and more.

jungle wrapping paper, palm leaves banana leaves uncoated recycled gift wrap

As with all of my paper products, my wrapping paper is printed in the UK on high quality paper from an FSC-certified supplier. It has a lovely thickness and feel to it and won’t tear easily. I enjoy experimenting with different gift wrapping ideas and have a few tips for different gift wrapping ideas and how to reduce waste.

  1. Ensure you measure out your gift wrap carefully so that you have just enough for a nearly wrapped gift without too much waste.
  2. If you do have any scraps you could use these to make a matching ribbon for the present or a matching gift tag.
  3. Make a gift bag out of wrapping paper for awkward shaped presents.
  4. Alternatively, you could put awkward presents in a box and then wrap the box. The recipient can then also reuse the box for storage or for another gift.

I only produce recyclable wrapping paper, but it’s still good practice to waste as little as possible.

The easiest way to tell if your paper can be recycled is to do the scrunch test! Scrunch up the paper and if it stays scrunched then it can be recycled. Avoid wrapping paper that is very thin (such a cheap wrapping paper that tears easily and feels thin) as this contains very few good quality fibres and therefore cannot be recycled. The thicker the paper, the better, so we’ve got you covered, all of our papers are all printed on good quality paper from an FSC-certified supplier meaning they can go back into the paper system and be reused.

Also please note before it goes into recycling, please remove any plastic sticky tape, better yet, use plastic free tapes, there are some fantastic biodegradable brown paper tapes, there are also some lovely patterned paper tapes too but Sellotape has brought out a plant based transparent tape too!

When you place an order on the website we fold up the wrapping paper and send this out using brown paper tape when needed.

Why Kids Love Jungle Animals

Kids love jungle animals for a variety of reasons. For starters, jungle animals are fascinating creatures that look different from the pets and farm animals they might be used to seeing.

They have bright colours, unique patterns, and distinct features that make them stand out.

Additionally, many jungle animals are associated with adventure and excitement. Children often imagine themselves exploring the jungle, encountering wild animals, and having daring adventures.

Jungle animals are often portrayed in popular children’s media, from books to movies to TV shows. Seeing these animals come to life on the screen or in a book can spark a child’s imagination and deepen their fascination with the jungle and its inhabitants. All of these factors make jungle animals a perennial favourite among kids of all ages.

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