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Homemade wallpaper envelopes

What do you do with left over wallpaper? The nature of wallpaper is that you always end up with some scraps when you decorate your wall, but please don’t throw them away, here in the studio we hate waste and recycle everything and we want to help your do the same! If you’ve ordered some of our smaller items via the website you will have had your orders coming in these colourful patterned envelopes, which helps us use less packaging and brightens up the letters in the post at the same time!

So here is a little guide to how we make our wallpaper envelopes.

1. Cut your wallpaper to size. If you are using left over pieces, then the size may already be chosen for you but here in the studio we keep the wallpaper width (52cm) and 22cm heigh, which is just larger than the shortest side of an A4 piece of paper.

2. Fold the paper along the shortest side, overlap one of the edges over the other by around 3cm, this is for your envelope flap.

3. Sew along the long edges on your machine, you can think about choosing matching or contrasting thread.

4. Carefully trim the edges, don’t worry about doing this before hand as the paper may move when you are sewing it.

5. cut the corners off the flap, and trim off all the excess threads.

You can use the technique with any left over wallpapers, newspapers or even sheet music! We’d love to see your own envelopes, just tag #lornasyson on Instagram or send us a snap on Twitter or Facebook!

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