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Spooky Halloween Pumpkins

Halloween is a great chance to do something creative with the kids, and pumpkin carving really is one of my favourites. We made these and here are some tips we picked up!

  • draw your design on a piece of paper first, to get an idea of how complicated it actually is


  • big isn’t always better when it comes to pumpkins, the smaller ones need less time hollowing out and produce less waste, although if your planning on making pumpkin soup you may want more!


  • choose a soft pumpkin!!!!


  • Instead of cutting a hole in the top cut an L shape section out of the pumpkin going down the back. This makes it easier to scrape out and light once your tea light is inside


  • draw your image onto the pumpkin first


  • use a sharp knife, even a small craft knife for more intricate designs


  • Don’t expect our results to be as good as pinterest!


We hope you enjoy halloween this weekend and look forward to seeing all of the fab homemade decorations and carved pumpkins over social media!

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