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The world through Lorna’s lense

I get inspired by the world around me, from the way the sun hits flora and forna creating exciting silhouettes and shapes to the huge crows visiting our garden to dip their bread in the bird bath so it’s easier to eat. My business mentor at Cockpit Arts pointed out to me that maybe I see the world in a slightly different way to everyone else (my husband later confirmed this) so this post is explaining a little about where my designs and ideas come from…

The new Bloom collection was inspired by the exciting Spring and Summer last year. As regular followers know, I got married in the Leicestershire countryside. For the first bank holiday in may the weather was fantastic, the spring flowers were blooming in the field and the glade and we chose in season flowers for the tables and bouquets. We then had a Glamping honeymoon on a goat local farm. Many of the original photos which inspired the Bloom designs were taken over this time.

The new Greenfinch design is set to a backdrop of apple blossom, which was inspired by the picture attached. There was a line of these trees in full bloom which stretched from our glamours tent (with a wood fired outdoor hot tub) to the hen houses at the top of hill where we strolled up to each morning to collect eggs for our breakfast. I spent much of the time sitting on our wooden porch at the front of the tent looking out into the fields and reading my book. In the stillness of the warm spring days I saw field mice, rabbits, pheasants, Bees, Crows, Songbirds and the Greenfinch which I decided to feature in the design. I wasn’t lucky enough to grab my camera in time but this little friendly bird landed on the porch with a streak of green and yellow and hopped along in front of us. It’s magical moments like these which I want to capture when I set about designing. I love representing and sharing the created memories.

These are the idilic classic British past -times I talk about in my work, but I know from feedback from my customers that the designs evoke memories of other peoples experiences. An email I recently received stated with “As we have an average of 20 greenfinches in our garden at any one time, we thought it time to have them in the house!!!” It later went on to talk about the joy this brings looking out into the garden, seeing them arriving on the bird feeders carefully protected from the cunning squirrels after the seeds and fat balls.

I am very lucky to create designs from such positive and happy experiences and even luckier to have customers that share in my love for the outdoors and see the countryside with the same rose tinted glasses I do.

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More Designs being added to the Bloom collection in September so watch this space!