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10 Reasons to Visit Cockpit Arts Open studios!

I’ve been a proud member of the Cockpit Arts community for four years. Being part of the UK’s only business hub incubator for craftspeople has helped me and my business, financially, emotionally, socially and creatively.

Twice a year the doors are thrown open and we invite members of the public behind closed doors to come and visit both the Holborn and Deptford studios. So here are my top reasons why you should visit the studios this June!



1. Over 170 small businesses across Holborn and Deptford called Cockpit Arts Home. Every single one of them makes an effort to welcome visitors into the building!

2. This often includes booze and nibbles on late night opening evenings ( Thursday in Holborn and Friday in Deptford)

3. This summer it’s free!!

4. It’s a great place to shop local, research shows that with every £1 spent with small or medium sizes businesses 63p stayed in the local economy compared with 40p with larger stores.

5. This year it’s Cockpit Arts 30th anniversary, Cockpit was founded in 1986 and began as five ‘starter’ units in Cockpit Yard, it’s really inspiring to see what’s happened over the last 30 years!

6. There is a fab cafe set up by award wining Handmade Food in Blackheath which sets up shop at both events. I really recommend the handmade sausage rolls and their fantastic salads!

7. Many of the designers in the studio test out new designs and ideas at open studios to gauge the reaction of the public. This way you can often see glimpses of new ideas before they have even been launched!

8. Designers also sell samples and one offs, they may have tested something that didn’t work out how they expected or done a sample which never went any further. This means you can pick up some truly one off pieces!

9. When you buy a product produced by a micro businesses in Cockpit Arts like mine you are not only supporting me, and my two assistants, you’re supporting the lampshade makers, the seamstress, the fabric printers, the label manufactures and so on. See more on who makes our products and where to come from on Meet the Makers

10. Find unique gifts, whether you’re shopping for a birthday this weekend or your planning on being super advanced for your parents wedding anniversary, Cockpit Arts open studios is the best place for look for something different and thoughtful. One tip I have is to pick up greeting cards as you go around, then when you have stash at home you’ll always be prepared!

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