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As part of the DecorCafe Network, Lorna Syson was invited to take part in the Strawberry Hill House Fair this March. Strawberry Hill House was created by the gothic author, Horace Walpole in the 18th Century. The house is known as Britain’s best example of Georgian Gothic revival architecture so we pretty excited to be taking part in a show there!

The house was absolutely stunning with each room beautifully decorated and different from the previous. We were in the Round Room which was covered in a crimson silk wallpaper, a guilded gold ceiling and finished with a very detailed, stained glass window.

The house was such a lovely setting for a fair full of such unique designers to help inspire customers to decorate their homes with a personal touch. It was lovely to meet so many new faces and we hope we get to visit again soon!

Our Juneberry & Bird Lampshade looked great teamed with Natajaq’s painted oak lampbase!

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