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Syson Gallery in Nottingham is hosting a VIP Summer Auction on the 28th July at 7pm. It’s a fundraising event to support artists and the gallery’s future programme.

The items being auctioned are work from 25 significant female contemporary artists.

Featured artists include:  Eleanor Bartlett, Sharon Hall, Sarah Poots, Alison Lloyd, Lynn Fulton, Juliet Goodden, Zoe Spowage, Fay Nicolson, Louisa Chambers, Jasleen Kaur, Lotti V Closs, Candice Jacobs, Mimei Thompson, Aly Helyer, Clare Price, Hannah Waldron, Blue Firth, Bethan Lloyd Worthington, Jo Masding, Kelly Best, Jessica Wilson, and Ikran Abdille.

The £15 auction ticket not only gives you a chance to bid for contemporary artworks under £500 but you will also be entered into the gallery’s VIP prize draw. 

The auction itself will take place on Friday 28th July at 7pm after a light supper, prepared by our friends at Ottar Chocolate who currently are running a pop up at Rough Trade in Nottingham and are based at the School of Artisan Foods on the Welbeck Estate.

We donated two of our geometric Worcesterberry cushions to the prize drawer along with other supporters Ottar Chocolate, Small Food Bakery, Lane, Dohm Shop, John E Wrights and Universal Works. There are also a number of prizes from the gallery itself.

If you are unable to attend the event you can also place a sealed bid online here!



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