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The Lorna Syson staff is growing so we thought we’d introduce you to the team! Our first profile is Tiz, she has been here since August 2012.

1. What is your daily life in the Lorna Syson Studio?

I am only in the studio on a part time basis, so when I am in, we do lots of planning to work out what needs to happen in the coming days and weeks – like preparing for new a photoshoot or planning an upcoming trade show.

Then there is the occasional ‘all hands on deck’, to get the orders ready in time for the courier, or help Lorna with a bespoke wall piece commison –  which are all made by hand, in the studio.

But I would say 95% of my time is spent trying to avoid being distracted by the studio dog – Jenkin’s. He is more teddy bear than dog.

2. What’s the best thing about your job?

Thats an easy one – the atmosphere in the studio. Having worked with fairly corporate design companies in the past, it is really refreshing to be amongst like minded folk who’s main goal is to produce lovely things that make people happy. It feels great to be doing our bit for british manufacturing too.

3. What’s your favourite product?

The bespoke Wallflowers. I love repetitious shapes and anything 3D made out of textiles so these wallflowers really appeal to me. I also love making them – our clients are always coming up with gorgeous colour combinations that I would never have thought of. It makes each one really unique and special.

4. What’s life like when not in the Lorna Syson Studio?

I work for two other design studios in similar part time roles. I can’t get enough of independent design businesses, obviously! My work takes me all over London and I get to meet and work with some really lovely, enthusiastic and hardworking people who love what they do. Which I think is pretty rare and makes me feel very privileged.

When I’m not at work, you can probably find me sorting my button collection by colour, or trying to spray paint something gold – all whilst avoiding any cooking.