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Undated Desk Planners – Evergreen Week to View Non Dated

Brighten up your workspace with a Lorna Syson non-dated weekly desk planner. 

Evergreen desk planners that never go out of date! Stock up now whilst we have FREE UK delivery on all Lorna Syson sustainable paper products, also applied to greetings cards, gift wrapping paper and our sale items. Buy in bulk and pat yourself on the back for thinking a year ahead for gifting.

With the popularity of mobile phone and tablet calendars, plus electronic online calendars that are linked to your email, sometimes you just need an at-a-glance planner to see what’s happening in the next few days. 

Desk Planners with No Dates – Sustainable Eco Friendly Paper – Recycle and Reuse

The ethical choice for everyone, buy with confidence that you are helping to preserve our planet whilst improving your memory, it’s great to have a list that’s instantly easy to read. We know there are a myriad of uses for desk planners, not just for work weeks or WFH organising, we have found that our customers buy planners and still use them years later, making them a frugal purchase. Being undated, these date free diary to a week can be started at any week or month of the year and customised to any way you feel best.

Lorna Syson Weekly planners are at-a-glance extra useful because they allow you to stop and start whenever you want. They give you great flexibility when planning your weeks ahead. There’s no wasted pages, and the space is open to use again for the next time you’re ready to get organized.

If your resolution this year is to be more organised then weekly planners can help you achieve this. The weekly planner is the perfect stationery accessory for your desk or work from home office. 

These eco-friendly weekly planners come in three popular designs from the Lorna Syson stationery collection: 

  1. Space dogs which was part of the Astro collection 
  2. British birds from the Watlington collection series 
  3. Meadows floral design which was one of Lorna’s two new designs in 2019 (the other being the bluebell). 

Weekly planners made from recyclable paper

The weekly non dated planners are ethically manufactured and printed in the UK on high-quality paper from an FSC-certified supplier on a recycled cardboard grey backing. All of which is plastic free and recyclable. Each of the weekly non-dated planners are 50 pages A4 landscape (21 x 29.7cm), the pages are FSC ethically sourced paper and are glued at the top. 

Undated desk planners – Evergreen no matter the month or year

What makes these weekly planners super useful is that each page is the same and not dated. This allows you to stop and start when you want. It gives you great flexibility when planning each week. You can plan a week and skip the next two, or pick it up whenever you need. With an undated weekly planner, there’s no wasted pages and the space is open for the next time you need to get organised.

Meal Planning, Diet Prep and Batch Cooking

It’s also really helpful to be able to see your whole week at a glance and be able to visualise and plan your week, from planning a food shop, to listing out dishes and meal planning, to local appointments and business meetings, there are no rules as to how you choose to plan your work week and lesure time.

The three designs vary from tracking your weekly activities, meal preparation and even shopping lists. There is something to suit everyone in how you like to plan your week and what is important to you whether that be the kids schedule, meal planning or just keeping a note of key tasks.

Two of the designs (Watlington and Space Dogs) have a useful weekly plan section and then a notes section on the planner for all those important tasks and goals for the week. 

The Meadow weekly planner features spaces for breakfast, lunch, dinner and comes along with a shopping list. This is brilliant for planning your shopping each week: working out your children’s or families timetable or keeping an eye on what you are eating. Great for those that like to meal prep. 

Choose the planner that suits you best or pick one of each as they make great gifts because they are undated and can be started at any time of the year! 

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