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It is World Oceans Day today and with water taking up 70% of our planet, it is important to stay aware of our oceans in order to protect the animals and plants in them. Here in the studio, ocean birds are an inspiration for many of Lorna’s whimsical character cards.Within this photograph we have a range of different ocean birds including Rupert the oystercatcher. The oystercatcher can be seen around most of the UK coastline and feed on cockles with their beautiful bold red beaks. Peter and Paul, our resident penguins look charming hand in hand on Lorna’s card. You can find out more about this handsome pair on our post celebrating International Penguin Day.Percy the puffin was inspired by a trip to Northumberland when Lorna took a boat ride around Coquet Island, which is home to 35,000 seabirds each year. The puffin, nicknamed the ‘clown of the sea’ because of its comical face, come back to Coquet Island in the spring to breed. Therefore this time of the year is the perfect time to witness thousands of puffins!This year the theme is on ‘Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet’ and a specific focus on plastic pollution in the sea. In the news recently the Florida brewery, Saltwater Brewery have teamed up with WeBelievers to create 100% biodegradable six pack holders for their beer cans. A shocking one million birds and 100,000 sea animals are caught in plastic in the US alone and this innovative solution aims to end this plastic litter problem. The six pack holders are made out of the byproducts when brewing beer and can be eaten by the wildlife in the sea. This solution therefore provides food for animals rather than killing them, which we hope will be taken up by bigger breweries and make its way over to the UK to help save millions of our seabirds!

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Written by Eleanor for Lorna Syson’s Our World.

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