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Wren & Cherry Designer Wallpaper, Fabric and Inspiration Board

As we launch the new Garden collection it’s an exciting time in the studio, these designs started life back in January 2016 and it’s been a long process to get them from paper to up onto the website.

The Wren & Cherry design is really on trend with blush pink being a huge hit across fashion and in home interiors. It’s a calming colour and can be paired with navy and grey to give a sophisticated home look.

I’m not a fan of pink, it’s not a colour that I enjoy working with but with all of the gorgeous photography and products out there (check out all the props we borrowed from Att Pynta for the photoshoot) it’s hard not the get swept up with the luxurious feel of the soft hues of blush.

When working with blush I’ve chosen to pair with navy and grey as these are great staple colours for home interiors. You can see these colours followed all the way through from design conception to the photoshoot below!

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