10 years of Lorna Syson

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10 years of Lorna Syson

2020 – Ten Years of Lorna Syson

I can’t quite believe it! Somehow I’ve made it to 10 years of Lorna Syson! I set up the business in 2009 after I really struggled to find a job.

I passed my degree with a first class hons degree with a year in industry giving me a diploma in business studies but that makes no difference when you leave university, really keen to get started in the real world and can’t find a job.

So in 2009 I turned to the princes trust, was given a business loan of £1250 and started on my journey, It’s been a roller coaster, sometimes it’s frustrating, I feel like I can’t get to where I need to fast enough and then every now and again I look and think, wow I’ve come such a long way!

[Lockdown update] We would have been celebrating in public, however COVID-19 changed all plans

Hopefully in 2021 we will see you in person soon!

So I’m celebrating for September and October at Top Drawer and Decorex International with drinks on stands. Come by stand U19 to see the new designs in cards and wrap as have a drink with us, at 3pm on Monday 9th September at 4pm and join us for drinks on the stand on Monday 7th of October 2020 at 4pm

Christmas 2020 and Cards with Personalised Messages

Browse personalised greetings cards featuring all the Lorna Syson designs. You can now send your favourite designs on special occasions! You can buy 4 for £10 with code 4for10 at the checkout.

Postage is free in the UK. International delivery available please see delivery and returns

If you would like a card sent directly from us to your loved one just click the “hand written message” button under the cart and we can handwrite this and send directly to your recipient for just £1. Remember to make sure you’ve got the delivery address correct. There’s cards for every occasion, take a look at the full collection and buy a handmade personalised card today!