NEW Design: Meadow

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NEW Design: Meadow


Meadow is our latest print to bring your home to life with its fresh, bright colours and wildflowers. This design was inspired by my trip to devon last year, where I spent a lot of time walking outdoors with my husband and my dog, Jenkins. Meadow captures the wild mix of flowers and foliage I saw, all growing harmoniously together.

I love the look of a mix of wildflowers together, and it’s not just in the countryside that this happens! Thanks to the new trend: Guerrlla Gardening, small urban gardens are coming to life all over London. Liz Christie started the Green Guerrillas movement in the US. Its all about thinking of ways to enable wildflowers to grow in waste land sites that are inaccessible. She made ‘bombs’ out of balloons or old Christmas ornaments, and filled them with wildflower seeds, water, fertiliser and compost. By throwing these over the fences to inaccessible areas, she hoped to create floral scenes on otherwise sterile ground.

People in the UK have been putting their own take on this trend and planting flowers in desolate, boring or drab places in cities- even brightening up their garden in unconventional ways. If you’re keen to jump on the bandwagon, we have special Lorna Syson ‘Seeds for Bees’ packs to create a real life representation of the beautiful Meadow print, to share with the public or create in your own lovely garden!

Right Image: Pinterest

Meadow is a combination of wild geranium, wild buttercup, Japanese anemone and grass seed. It’s the perfect way to bring a piece of the springtime outdoors into your home. Pair Meadow with Arla Pink and Bluebell for a bright, feminine look that will add the perfect touch of spring to a room.