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Easter Handmade Luxury Greetings Cards and Gifts

Easter celebrations occur during the Springtime and celebrate new life. Spring is one of Lorna’s favourite times of year as we see new flowers growing through the frost and the birth of new baby animals. It is a great time to feel revived after a dormant winter and look forward to the longer days of summer when Lorna loves to appreciate the British flora and fauna in full bloom. Lorna enjoys this time of year as she can take the dogs on longer walks and surround herself in the Oxfordshire countryside.

This year, Good Friday is on the 7th April and Easter Monday on the 10th April 2023. In England, there are several historic dates that are significant over the Easter weekend, including:

Maundy Thursday: The date of the Last Supper of Jesus Christ with his disciples. In England, the reigning monarch traditionally performs a ceremony called the Royal Maundy, where they give money and gifts to selected elderly people.
Good Friday: A bank holiday, meaning banks are closed. The Friday before Easter Sunday and commemorates the religeous crucifixion of Jesus Christ. In the more recent, modern times, the Easter weekend is a time for family, travel and tourism as the first bank holiday after the New Year.
Holy Saturday: Traditionally observed with prayer and reflection, the day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday and is often dedicated to the younger generation to celebrate family time together.
Easter Sunday: The most important day in the Christian calendar, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Common contemporary events include a roast dinner, gathering different generations of relations from far and wide.
Easter Monday: This is the day after Easter Sunday and is a bank holiday in England. It is a day for relaxation, family gatherings, and often features public events such as Easter egg hunts and parades.

Easter Animals Cards Handmade Exclusive Designs with  FREE UK Delivery

To help you celebrate Easter Lorna has hand designed Easter greetings cards which you can use to send a thoughtful message and Easter wishes to friends and family this spring. Sticking to what Lorna loves best she has a cat Easter card and a dog easter card, both dressed up like the Easter bunny!

Happy Easter greeting card with tabby cat wearing bunny rabbit ears, greeting card, designer greeting card, plastic free, FSC, recycled card
Happy Easter greeting card with tabby cat wearing bunny rabbit ears, greeting card, designer greeting card, plastic free, FSC, recycled card, spaniel, dog

Traditional Easter Chicks, Animals and Birds

Eggs and chicks are very much a symbol of Easter and  they can make you think of chocolate Easter eggs, Easter egg hunts and decorating eggs for Easter displays.

Easter Eggs and Yellow Chicks 

The shape of the egg has been recognised as a symbol of new life and fertility across many cultures and religions. The chick obviously emerges from the egg when it is born and to our ancestors it was a startling event to see a new life appear from a seemingly dead object.

Within Christianity the egg can also symbolise the rock tomb out of which Jesus was resurrected. Eggs were also forbidden during lent but chickens were still laying eggs so the eggs were often gathered and decorated. 

You can see how many of our modern day traditions may have grown from these older signs and practices.

The cat Easter card features a tabby cat wearing bunny ears with the message ‘Happy Easter’. The dog Easter card has the same Easter message with a spaniel dog wearing bunny rabbit ears. If you want to send a less traditional Easter card to your friends and family who are cat lovers or dog lovers then this is the perfect choice. 

Happy Easter greeting card with tabby cat wearing bunny rabbit ears, greeting card, designer greeting card, plastic free, FSC, recycled card, spaniel, dog easter chick, chicken

Spring Lamb Handmade Greetings Card

Within Christianity the lamb is an important symbol as it represents Jesus and sacrifice. Lambs however are something that people often look out for as a sign of Spring without any religious context but as something that can bring lots of joy to children and adults alike. Lorna’s Happy Easter lamb greeting card shows a cheeky lamb in bunny ears. This is a very sweet and fun Easter card to send to loved ones.

sustainable greeting card plastic free FSC recycled card easter lamb

Easter Bunny Hot Air Balloon Card

Probably the most famous Easter symbol of them all is the Easter bunny! Also many of Lorna’s Easter cards feature other animals with bunny ears – so why is the Easter bunny so significant? One reason is that rabbits, bunnies or hares are the perfect symbol for new life as they have so many offspring of their own! The hare was also a symbol of Egyptian fertility.

The Easter bunny as we know it today was thought to be a German invention who visits children on Easter morning in the same manner as Santa Claus on Christmas. The Easter Rabbit or Easter Hare would visit the ‘good’ children and give them eggs and sweets. This symbolism today is not religious but you can see how it has developed as a fun tradition for kids along with Easter egg hunts and other egg themed activities.

Lorna’s Easter Bunny card features a cute Easter rabbit in a hot air balloon.

sustainable greeting card plastic free FSC recycled card easter rabbit in hot air balloon

Easter Activity Ideas for the Family

Easter is becoming more of a celebration each year, not necessarily from a religious perspective but as a time for families to get outdoors and celebrate together. Lorna loves these ideas for families:

  1. Decorate Easter Eggs: Use paints, markers, stickers or natural dyes to decorate boiled eggs in fun and colourful designs.
  2. Cut out Easter Bunny Ears: Use cardstock or felt to create bunny ears and decorate them with cotton balls, glitter or markers.
  3. Create Easter Baskets: Easy with paper plates, inside of cereal packets or recycled materials to create baskets for Easter egg hunts.
  4. Paint with Spring Flowers: Collect flowers and leaves from the garden or park and use them to create colourful prints and pressings in a scrap book style
  5. Create Easter Cards: Poundland stock affordable coloured paper, pens, markers and stickers for you to to create Easter cards to send to family and friends.
  6. Make Easter Chicks: Use yellow feathers from a craft store, felt or kids glue and pom-poms to create cute Easter chicks that can be used as decorations or as part of an Easter egg hunt.

These activities are fun, easy and can be adapted for different age groups and skill levels. They are a great way to keep kids entertained and engaged during the Easter weekend while also encouraging creativity and imagination.

Floral Spring Flowers Gift Ideas 2023

If you are looking for some alternatives to Easter eggs then Lorna has some lovely Spring inspired homewares that make unique gifts.

Lorna’s Meadow weekly planner is undated so can be started any time of year and is a great Easter gift for anyone who likes to stay organised. This weekly food planner has spaces for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and activities along with a shopping list. This works really well when planning your shopping each week, working out your children’s timetable, or planning the weekly family meals.

cushion, bird cushion, floral cushion, luxury cushion, designer cushion, uk designer, RSPB cushion, designer home, designer interiors, bird design, wildflower-floral-designer-homeware
meadow design weekly planner designed by Lorna Syson
Floral designer lampshade in meadow pattern

Lorna’s meadow print design is a beautiful Spring pattern inspired by British wildflowers. It is available on cushions which are a great Easter gift. The meadow cushion is a floral square cushion featuring various wildflowers including buttercups and cow parsley in bright yellows, pinks and blues. For Lorna, a dedicated dog walker, spring symbolises the time when the days become longer and she and her dog Jenkins can get outdoors, this floral design is a reminder of these walks.


Lorna’s meadow print also looks great on a lampshade. Lorna’s medium and large hand rolled lampshades have a reversible hinge so they can be hung from the ceiling or used on a lamp. A versatile Easter or Spring gift that will brighten up the recipient’s home.


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