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Its that time of year again, you’ve spent the Christmas holidays over indulging in rich food and are quite ready for Christmas to be over for another year. You’ve probably over done it with the food buying too, and now have loads of leftovers  – luckily we’ve got you covered for recipe ideas to make turkey more appetising and to make sprouts taste nice. Click on the links below the pictures to find these delicious recipes that are sure to be a hit with everyone!

Boxing Day Bubble and Squeak

images from left to right are from Sainsbury’s Magazine and Tesco real food

Bubble and squeak is the classic ‘chuck everything into one pan’ dish ideal for lazy days making it well suited for Boxing Day! It is super easy, literally throw in your left over greens, roast potatoes, parnsips, carrots and sprouts in to a pan with some oil and fry until golden and crisped up. Then serve straight on to a plate or eat out of the pan to save on washing up. If you want to make your bubble and squeak more sophisticated, simply shape into flat patties with a spatula and serve with a poached egg on top.

Turkey Salad

images from left to right are from the happy foodie and Jamie Oliver

This really requires no effort at all as no cooking is involved and a simple turkey salad can be whipped up in minutes. This gives yesterdays Christmas leftovers a fun, new lease of life that includes some much needed greenery. Serve warm or cold and eat on your laps in front of the telly! Chuck in some handfuls of soft, dark lettuce leafs, shredded turkey pieces and shavings of carrots and parsnips. Add whatever you have and its bound to be delicious.

Boxing Day Sandwich

images from left to right are from Jamie Oliver and Olive

This is the ultimate hangover cure for all of you with sore heads on Boxing Day! Simply load up thickly sliced bread with cranberry sauce, turkey, bacon and stuffing and your’e on to a winner. Toast in the oven to crisp up and if you really want to indulge, load with gruyere and stilton (or whatever cheese you would prefer) and fry in a pan with some oil until golden and gooey. This takes less than 20 minutes to cook and is the perfect comfort food.

Turkey Pie

images from left to right are from Jamie Oliver and BBC good food

This turkey pie recipe is tried and tested by Lorna who makes this to share with her family on Boxing Day and thinks it is delicious! As with all of these recipes, throw all of your left overs into a deep baking dish and use pre brought puff pastry to make your life easy. If you are not a fan of pastry, crumble your roasted root vegetables on top sprinkle with cheese and bake in the oven. This pie really utilises the best bits of a roast dinner!

Boxing Day Platter

images from left to right are from BBC good food and Alyn Williams

If Christmas for your family entails a week of visits from relatives and therefore multiple christmas dinners a buffet is ideal for you. It gives left overs a twist and bite size nibbles are ideal for sharing platters. Try these mini jacket potatoes by baking some new potatoes the same way you would a normal jacket, top with sour cream, bacon bits, crumbled stuffing and some chopped chives. In addition make these turkey and stuffing sausage rolls with puff pastry and you have your party platter sorted.

We hope that these Boxing Day food ideas help you effectively use up all of your leftovers in a way that is exciting and doesn’t leave you thinking that you’re bored of christmas dinner. Send us your ideas via social media!

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