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Ditch the traditional new years resolutions to lose weight and save money and join our quest for a beautiful clean and green space within your home! Another year is over and its time to leave behind that burdens of 2016 and start afresh using our top 5 guide to home improvements. They are easy to achieve and will help you keep cool, calm and collected in your home, enabling you to have a great time in the coming year.

1) Make a list and get things done

I don’t know about you, but even the best of us struggle to do anything in regards to home improvements! Everything seems like such a chore, and lets be honest we all take on the attitude of ‘I cant be bothered’. This is the year to kick that mentality and find some motivation to get stuff done. Start by writing a list of everything that needs doing, this won’t take five minutes and collates all of your ideas in to one place, helping to get them off of your chest. Start by doing the smaller things, believe me putting up a couple of pictures really doesn’t take that long and requires little effort! Build up to the bigger things, such as painting jobs, perhaps saving them for the weekends when you have more time. Think of it as a project, helping you create a better home environment and therefore a better you.

Our current fabrics and swatches available on request

If you’re thinking of redecorating this year have a look at our wallpaper and fabric designs, request samples through our website by clicking on your desired fabric or wallpaper and clicking on ‘order a free sample’, or request over the phone. Feel free to contact us regarding any queries to do with repeat sizes or wallpaper widths, we’re happy to help with estimating how much fabric or wallpaper you will need and can assist with contacts for making curtains and blinds.

2) “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’

Follow this inspiring quote from one of our favourite and most iconic designers, William Morris. Morris is regarded as one of the greatest designers of all time and one of the most outstanding figures of the Art and Craft movement. He co-founded the decorating business Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co which provided beautiful, hand-crafted products and furnishings for the home. Morris took much of his inspiration from outdoor wildlife and plants, much like our brand which brings the beauty of the outdoors into your homes!

Song bird collection

Having this quote at the back of your mind will help you rationalise what you actually need in your house, helping you to banish tat and have only beautiful objects you love on display. Be ruthless with what you actually want and need as many ornaments just create clutter and hence need more cleaning – who has time for that?!

3) Declutter

Coast and Countryside Storage Pots

Although this seems like an obvious resolution, many people find it hard to take the initiative to declutter their houses and banish the unwanted ‘stuff’ lying around. We have the solution for you! Our plant/storage pots offer the perfect solution and have dual purpose of beauty and functionality. Throw all of your unwanted junk in one of these pots (group similar objects for ease of finding) and its hidden in one place and replaced by a fresh design that will brighten up your home and create a focal point to admire. Our pots come in small and medium so we’re bound to have what you’re looking for storage wise.

4) Create a relaxing environment

Studio dog Jenkins relaxing on one of our Buds & Butterflies floor cushions

Even if its just one room, create a hub to your house, a relaxing haven where you can relax with family and friends at the end of a long day. Think cosiness and channel a hygge-esque atmosphere, if you don’t know what hygge is read our what is hygge? and our guide to hygge posts here. Think mood lighting, candles, comfy cushions, blankets and toasty fires. Our floor cushions come in our Garden Collection prints, Buds & ButterfliesChrysanthemumPansy and Wren & Cherry which is our most ‘grown-up’ collection to date and will add a touch of sophistication to any home. Lounge on these gloriously over sized cushions with a book and release your inner zen! If you’re after sofa/bed cushions we have everything you could possibly desire, cushions in every fabric from across our four collections available here. Look out for some new additions to the Garden Collection in the coming year!

5) Add more greenery

Garden collection plant pots and studio dog Jenkins

Plants have so many health benefits that it seems stupid to not have an abundance of them within your home. Plants in your house can help deter illness, purify the air, boost healing, help you work better and de-stress – who would say no to that? Bring a touch of the outdoors into your home by potting your plants in our previously mentioned plant pots. Made with water resistant PU canvas lining and silicone sealed seams they are perfect for keeping things clean and tidy and are ideal for plants. Plants keep well in damp environments such as bathrooms and kitchens so fill your house with scented herbs such as basil and sage (useful for cooking too!) and houseplants, our different sizes are ideal for all types of plants, so were bound to have just what you’re after.

House plants featuring in our plant pots

We hope this guide helps you to achieve a happy and healthy environment that in turn increases your productivity and well being. Happy New Year to you all, lets make this year the year of getting things done and achieving house goals we’ve been putting off for ages.

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