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Antlers Interior Design Inspiration – Buy Antler Gifts Online

Deer Antlers andSince moving to the Oxfordshire countryside I’ve been lucky enough to be able to spot deer from our back windows. I love seeing deer in the wild, they just pop up everywhere when you live outside of cities! In London we used to have to visit Richmond park to get a glimpse of the deers with their antlers!
I’ve always loved using antlers in my designs, I bought a stag skull from ebay years ago, from a guy in Scotland called,(I’m not kidding) Willy McDonald. Could the name be anymore Scottish? I can imagine him being a game keeper up in the highlands keeping the deer numbers in check! These antlers are in my living room decorated with a huge fake flower crown, the size you’d expect in Frida Kahlo costume completed with some copper string lights!

Festive Bambi Deer Home and Wall Decorations

I’ve actually got a number of Bambi touches in my home; I picked up a red Christmas wire deer head from home bargins and sprayed it white! I was so happy with the results. It now sits over the bed in the spare bedroom!

Great British Bucks – Woodland Wallpaper Designs and Exclusive Hand Drawn Patterns

I’ve always find that iconic British sight of bucks rutting in the mist inspirational and now we live in the country, I’m hoping that later in the year I may spy more of the beautiful antlered silhouettes roaming the land around us. I’ve been doing lots of new woodland designs so keep your eyes peeled on the website for these!
I think my biggest influence is the reindeer antlers at Christmas time! I dress my dog Jenkins in a reindeer jumper every Christmas day! This inspired me to create a Christmas card collection with dogs and cats dressed up in antlers! This sold so well for me the following year I did zoo animals in antlers and the Christmas wrapping paper with orangutang, giraffes and pandas wearing antlers was my best selling paper last year!

Deer Antlers Christmas Cards and Gift Wrapping – Buy Now Free UK Shipping

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