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Colourful, pretty and playful, edible flowers are the perfect garnish to any dish, use natures colours to make an indulgence simply beautiful. After falling out of favour for many years, the edible flower is back with a vengeance. They can be used as a garnish but also provide delicious flavour as an ingredient with in their own right and have a number of great health benefits. The secret to success with edible flowers is to keep things simple, don’t over power the delicate taste of the flower with bold flavours elsewhere – its unnecessary and spoils the beauty of the dish.

This trend enables you to be resourceful, sourcing from the outdoors, and perhaps foraging in areas once over looked, as this is where wild flowers love to grow! Get outdoors and get picking.

Food – Savoury

Images from left to right are from harvest & honey and the view from the great island

Try the simplest of them all; this wildflower and rocket salad, that looks aesthetically pleasing and is bound to impress just about anyone who eats it. Start by preparing a basic yet fresh and zingy salad using a base of rocket, goats cheese, sliced red onion, thinly sliced radishes for crunch and sliced red apples to cut through the richness. Garnish with whatever you find, however, pansies and violas are used here.

Minimal, clean healthy and mostly raw, these Nordic smoked salmon sandwiches are simple yet effective and taste delicious! The layers are built up with an eye towards colour and texture, creating the best eating experience. Lightly toast some thinly sliced rye bread (or whatever you fancy) and spread with dill infused mayo or cream cheese. Then layer on the smoked salmon and micro greens such as pea shoots  which are perfect as they fit on the delicately sliced pieces of bread, and don’t overwhelm preexisting flavours. Top with any of these edible flowers, there are lots to choose from including, Nasturtiums, Pansies, Roses, Violets and Marigolds.

Sweet Treats

Images from left to right are from The Kitchen Mccabe and My Modern Met

This is the perfect celebration cake, sweet, decadent and simply beautiful. This would make the perfect centrepiece to parties or even a wedding! The coloured sponge layers are made from natural colours and flavourings and provide an element of fun. The green layer is a matcha infused sponge, the white layer is plain vanilla sponge, the yellow is lemon infused and the purple is blueberry sponge. Change the flavours of the layers according to your own personal preferences and consider topping with butter cream made with the juice of freshly squeezed oranges for added freshness. Simple garnish with edible flowers to create your masterpiece!

Edible flowers can be preserved in these unique lollipops, the perfect party snack. An art form within themselves, these lollipops encapture beauty and and exquisite detail, they can be made with interesting natural flavours such as watermelon. Find out how to make lollipops here and personalise to taste with your favourite flavours. Before they set press in an edible flower of your choice and you have a beautiful yet simple treat.

Drink – The Modern Cocktail

Images from left to right are from Positive Med and Fabiola Paulsen

Make these Bachelor’s Button Martinis which will be a winner with everyone, or switch up the cocktails to you and your guests taste, if you’re not a fan of martinis try these AviationChamomile Whiskey or Lemon Drop cocktails that look as good as they taste. Simply garnish with edible flowers and what better way than to chill your drinks then with edible flower ice cubes! Super easy to make, fill an ice try with water push in a flower, leave to freeze and you’re done.

If you’re a fan of Pansies then check out our Pansy Design part of the Garden Collection available in a wide range of products such as cushionsMake Up Bags and Lampshades. Much like foraging for these beautiful wildflowers in the outdoors, Lorna takes her inspiration from being outside and surrounding herself by nature. Check out the inspiration behind the pansy design here.

If you’re interested in growing your own wild flowers and helping to save the bees as the same time shop our Seeds for Bees cards which make a great little gift and help towards the initiative of saving the worlds bee population.

We hope that these ideas can help you create a spring time spread worthy of admiration. Get outdoors and find inspiration from these pictures to try these ideas yourself. Don’t forget to send us images via social media if you try any.

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