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In need of inspiration for the new collection, I headed to Forest Hill, South East London and I thought the perfect place to visit would be the Horniman Museum & Gardens. There is something very special about the Horniman Museum as there are so many different things to see in such a small space including natural history displays, an aquarium, a small zoo and, of course,the gardens. The gift shop is a lovely little unique part of the museum too to find a quirky gift to take home and it even has some of my cards designs stocked like the Percy the Puffin and Broom & Bee.


The natural history room is amazing and I could spend hours looking at all of the specimens in the cabinets, especially the colourful birds. However my favourite part is the Gardens, perfect for a lovely winter walk and for lots of new inspiration. Although there weren’t many flowers showing their faces in the cold weather, I still managed to find some beautiful cherry blossom and red robin shrubs which will definitely be featuring in the new designs! One of the most impressive things in the Gardens is the view of London over the hill, on a clear day it’s incredible.


I even managed to get this amazing photo of this chirpy little Robin! Robins are one of my favourite of the British birds, so much it featured in my Songbird Collection.





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