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Our third Pet owners Q&A is with Rolf, a mischievous fun and friendly black and white spaniel. We loved the photo that inspired the card, sent in by owners Jess and Emma, as Rolf looks as if he is up to no good staring up at the balloon. We really hoped we captured the essence of his look in our card. We’ve added a fez making the card quirky and ideal for celebrations! We caught up with Rolf’s owners to find out more about Rolf and themselves.

The image behind the card

Pet Owners names: Jess and Emma
Pet Owner’s profession: Students
City/County that pet and pet owner live in: Bournemouth, Dorset
Pet’s name: Ralph (nickname Rolf)
Pet’s age: 2

Rolf in his fireman’s outfit and gobbling down an ice cream!
Your pet is called Rolf where did their name come from?

From wreck-it-Ralph as he enjoys destroying things!

When did you decide to get Rolf, is he a rescue or did he come from a breeder?

He came from family breeding working spaniels.

What is Rolf’s personality like?

He is good natured and he just wants to be with people but he is definitely a ‘man’s dog’. He loves to play with other dogs and he has an obsession with chasing anything, oh and tennis balls!

Does Rolf have a bad habit?

Snoring and chewing everything!

Whats the silliest thing Rolf has ever done?

Jess and Emma: He walked into a lamp post once. He has a tendency to walk into things when he is too busy staring at something else.

Does Rolf ever dress up? If so, do you have any pictures?

All the time! He has lots of different outfits, including a fireman’s outfit and a dinosaur. He also has a t-shirt all the way from Bali.

What’s the smartest thing Rolf has ever done?

One morning while on a walk, Ralph ran off to play with another dog out of sight, after half an hour of shouting for him we went out of the woods to look for him, only to get a phone call from home saying he was at the front door barking to be let in! Clever Ralph had walked 10 minutes to get home by himself.

How does Rolf chill out?

Laid flat out on the sofa with daddy, while snoring very loudly.

After seeing the card, do you think we’ve captured him well?

Very well, he loves the fez!

We hope you enjoyed this Q&A and finding out more about this adorable pup, shop Rolf’s card this summer from our website. Read our previous Q&A’s with Kronk and Sparky and keep an eye out for more to come!

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