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We ask Sarah Wareham from Wareham Interiors to answer some questions about fabrics, curtain making and running her own business. Below she shares some pearls of wisdom when it comes to deciding on curtains and blinds!

Wareham Interiors is a Coventry based, family run decorating and soft furnishings business with more than twenty years experience.

Sarah made a roman blind for Jemma, also based in Coventry and the first person to use our fabrics new fabrics and the Wren and Cherry design. Jemma said “Absolutely head over heels in love with my Lorna Syson blind! It’s beautiful”

Lorna Syson: How long have you been making curtains and blinds?

Sarah Wareham: 12 years as Wareham Interiors and before that I had 5 years experience in a workroom making for other people. 

Lorna Syson: Where are you based?

Sarah Wareham: I originally started at home but for the past year I’ve been working out of my own shop on Kensington Rd in Earlsdon, Coventry.

Lorna Syson: What’s the best thing about having your own shop?

Sarah Wareham: Independence, meaning I can pick and choose the hours I work and I’m not tied to anyone else. The space is a bonus and I love keeping it separate from my personal life. Once I close the door at night, that’s it, I can go home and try and forget about it although you never really switch off with your own business. 

Lorna Syson: What services do you provide through the shop?

Sarah Wareham: I offer a measuring service where I go to customers homes and measure up and this also gives me an opportunity to look at the space and ensure that the fabric they choose suits the room. I’m always happy to offer design advice, not just with fabric but with the style of the curtain or blind. We also offer an optional fitting service, which I really enjoy as I like to take lots of photos and I get to see the finished product in it’s new home. Everything I make is tailored to the needs of the clients. Overall it’s a very personal and bespoke service. I’m proud to say that all of my curtains and blinds are unique. 

Lorna Syson: Is fabric printed in the UK important to you?

Sarah Wareham: Yes, absolutely. Not only is it supporting the industry but it also helps to promote UK designers.

Lorna Syson:: How important is buying local to your business?

Sarah Wareham: I want my own customers to be local so it’s really important for me to support other businesses within the locality whenever I can. 

Lorna Syson: How was the Wren & Cherry fabric to work with?

Sarah Wareham: Wren is a beautifully printed fabric and the pattern matched effortlessly. It was easy to manage and looked stunning as a roman blind. Would love to make curtains in it. 

Lorna Syson: What are your top tips when choosing a fabric for your room?

Sarah Wareham: I think the most important this is not to be scared of design. Go for something bold and then match furniture, walls, flooring to the fabric. A stunning print and plain walls goes well. A good design is like a work of art and will never go out of fashion. 

Lorna Syson: Which is your favourite design from Lorna’s collection?

Sarah Wareham: That’s a tough choice but it’s Hydrangea that is a real favourite of mine. 

Lorna Syson: Anything else you would like to add?

Sarah Wareham: I’d say don’t be afraid to experiment. It’s easy to play safe when decorating or choosing fabrics but I think if you love something then go for it and don’t worry what anybody else thinks, chances are they will love it too!

Thank you so much Sarah!

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