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We put a lot of effort into our displays at both Holborn and Deptford open studios and are pleased to announce that we were the winners of the visitors vote for best display, voted by you! We would like to thank everyone who came and voted for us as we are delighted that our display left a lasting memory in your mind!

After our studio revamp in August this year, our ideas for open displays had to adapt from previous years, so rigorous planning went into deciphering where everything would go. Our idea was to create a shop like atmosphere, beautifully presented but also practical – making it easy for customers to navigate. We thought we would share some behind the scenes pictures with you of the planning sketches we produced and then the final outcome! Often the real thing differs from original sketches as the work space is ever changing and is adapted for what looks best.

Holborn Display

The Holborn display relies heavily on imagination to work with the space provided as this is not where our studio is based. This Christmas we had a long corridor space which lends itself well to lighting so light positioning to brighten the area and spotlight the products on offer was a key feature in our planning.


Deptford Display

Deptford allowed us to really get stuck in and use our imaginations to create an enthralling environment that excited people and that made shopping easy. We used a table to mark the centre of the room which provided a focal point and encouraged people to walk in a circular motion around the studio and therefore see all of the products we had on offer.

We also had the opportunity to create a display to promote our studio elsewhere in the Deptford building – our idea for this was a cosy living room setting with a christmas tree, presents, rocking chair and small details such as a mince pie and carrot for santa!

Meet the team behind the displays – It was a group effort from all of us to create the display spaces working from the sketches. We celebrated our victory at the Cockpit Arts christmas drinks hosted by one of our trustees, Natwest. We are extremely happy and grateful to win after all of the hard work we put into our christmas displays, so thank you once again for voting!

Lorna, Alex and Annie at the Cockpit Arts christmas drinks

If you want to praise a winner our Harry the Hamster card is perfect and is bound to make anyone chuckle!


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