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I currently study textile design at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, and as part of my course I completed a work placement with Lorna Syson. Completing the placement has made me look forward to future creative projects, and below I will talk about my top moments from working in the studio!

Firstly, I felt extremely welcomed by Lorna, Alex and of course Jenkins! Everyday in the studio was different and from day one I continuously learnt just how many jobs go into keeping the business running, from packaging, stock takes, sending out newsletters and making and collecting new contacts, to name a few. I liked the emphasis on using recycled packaging and finding ways to reduce waste, such as using fabric off-cuts to create samples and lavender bags.

Lorna creates her designs using Illustrator; it was interesting to learn about the process in which it takes to create a new design, along with the time scale used for this.

During my time at Lorna’s studio, I’ve seen how important social media is. We not only used social media to document everyday life in the studio and events such as moving to the new studio and the Strawberry Hill House Show, but to also keep up to date with new contacts.

Helping with the Strawberry Hill House show was invaluable. Lorna’s stand was set in a beautiful room, which complemented her designs perfectly. Everyone at the show was very friendly and it was great to talk to other creatives at the show, whilst comments from visitors to the show allowed me to gain some understanding into what attracted them to a stand. As the day went on, I began to feel more comfortable talking to the people attending the show, and it was interesting to hear Lorna talking about her work.

Before the end of my work placement, I got to see the amount of work that went into preparing for Lorna’s recent photoshoot. There was so much detailed planning which was very eye-opening.

Although my time at Lorna’s studio was short, I really enjoyed my experience and I felt that I learnt a lot! In a short amount of time, I got to experience a range of tasks that go into the running of a creative business. There was a sense of pride in the studio, and the patience and time I was given to complete new tasks was very appreciated! I am now excited to go back to university, to finish my final year and to continue with my creative aspirations.

Written by Charlotte Wootten




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