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After 5 years at Cockpit Arts the brand has definitely grown and so has the space in which we need to keep organised and run everything as smoothly as possible. Our well loved old studio simply wasn’t providing us with the room we needed to keep all of our stock and to carry out day to day duties without falling over each other. It was time to start afresh, which offered us the chance to implement structured areas and well organised spaces to keep stock in check and to make studio navigation as simple and easy as possible.

Our new studio is an extra 100 square foot meaning it is a lot less cramped and the new positioning means we are now on the side of the building, so have a row of large windows keeping the space light and airy. Luckily our new studio space is right next door to our old one, which allowed us to set up new furniture and move things over with ease. The whole moving progress and time it took us to get back to a fully functioning work space took around three solid days, as we have implemented a number of changes to make studio life as easy as possible!

Card storage and new order packing area

Our studio revamp meant a trip to ikea to buy some new bookcases which shelve our abundant and growing collection of cards. It is incredibly important to us to keep well organised and to keep stock visible and on display to make it easier when packing orders and stock taking. Featured are some of our best sellers including Stephen The Sausage and Party Time Peaches, as well as our newest collection of greetings cards, The Pet Colletion, which will be available to purchase from our website this summer. Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know about any new releases! Our larger studio space is also able to accommodate our ever expanding collection, we will be supplementing our current designs with a new collection fairly soon, so watch this space – we have planned ahead for these additions and have empty storage waiting to be filled!

Pictured above is also our new packing table, where orders are gift wrapped before being sent out to you! We used to double our fabric cutting table as our order packing station too, however the growth in space has enabled us to separate these into two defined areas, making life in the studio much easier.

Our new space lent itself well to structured and rigorous organising – our back wall now houses most of our stock including our fabric plant pots and make-up bags. Each item is in a box with with the picture reference on the front,which speeds up the process of packing orders. We now have space to hang all of our fabric hangers too!

We try and utilise all space, so have shelves around the top of the room to hold our lampshades, keeping them out of the way and safe from damage as they are very delicate. Our cutting table lives in front of our fabric rolls, making it easy to roll off fabric to cut. Our cutting table also doubles as our cushion cover storage, and has drawers on the reverse with the individual style names, again making studio navigation easy!

We’re really proud of our new studio space and hope that many of you will join us at the Deptford open studios this year to see the new space!

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